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Deeper Roots are Growing

July 16, 2019


Blessings to you in this time of intensity! The polarity of nurturing, needy Cancer and hard-working and efficient Capricorn are being highlighted, and this eclipse is an important turning point that’s clarifying some battle lines, and calling us to awaken to more conscious and authentic connection with the earth and our ancestors.

Most authorities agree that eclipses are crappy times for any magical intention-setting rituals, but I think they can be incredible times for asking important questions (in magical ways!) that perpetuate some powerful answers.

The effects of eclipses are always hard to predict. They are perfect alignments of the Sun, Moon, and Earth (the three most important bodies in astrology!) Much taboo surrounds them due to the deficit of light (life force) that ensues. I like to think of eclipses as doorways outside of time, where some wisps of destiny can be witnessed and remembered. “New” guidance that clarifies the plot lines of our mortal, time-bound adventures comes down the pike.

Without going into all kinds of detail about the most important planets involved in the axis of the Full Moon (Sun and Venus in Cancer opposite to Moon, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn), I’d like to share a bit about the guidance that has been finding me around this gateway:

-It’s time to remember, honor, and energize our roots.
-Getting grounded (and playing with practices around it) has some potent mojo in it now
-Ancestors, angels, and nature spirits are assembled to hear our prayers
(Not to judge us, but to listen to our hearts and support us- but we must ask, and share an offering)
What do you have for the metaphorical altar? Gratitude is one of the best donations you can share.

Know that the joys and the pains (and sins) of those who came before you are in your hands now. They were freed of all of their enmities and illusions of division when they passed from this mortal plane, and they got to laugh about all the ways they goofed up, and to receive the blessings that they’d forgotten while in a body. For you (still in a mortal body) the fruits of those long ago actions from your lineage(s) are still tipping over dominoes of effect.

-What chains of that domino effect are you ready to forgive, release, and bring a halt to?
-Where are your boundaries and capacities to share responsibility getting healthier?
-What parts of “sacred belonging” are you ready to remember more of?
-What parts of you are still invested in the distorted definition of power as “control and/or superiority”?
-In what ways are you spinning your busy wheels that keep you trapped in an isolated illusion of “it’s all up to me”?

We are in a time period (’til December 21st, 2020) that has a lot of endings prescribed.
This eclipse is a doorway to ask for the release and forgiveness of our outmoded power concepts. Those with the most (money, fame, worldly influence) are naturally the most afraid to update their definitions (and Lord knows we see some clinging pretty tightly). What if peace and harmony were honored as true power instead of domination and control? What if those in positions of authority were more viscerally aware of a deeper sense of interconnection?…

The other big news:
This Eclipse is Starting a Healing Fire!
(All centered around Mercury Rx in Leo- indicating the stirring of some important rememberings…)

The astro jargon of it (interpretations follow below):
1. The Fire element (life force, faith, creativity, initiative) is very strong in this chart, with a potent Grand Trine involving Chiron in Aries, Mercury (Rx) and Mars in Leo, and Ceres (stationing!)

2. Jupiter in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury Retrograde in Leo is at their midpoint, sesquiquadrate to each of them (at the tip of a “Thor’s Hammer” formation)

3. Dwarf planet Eris is in Aries, being ignited by nearly perfect squares from both the Sun and Moon (!)

1. Ceres is the largest dwarf planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, making up about 1/3rd of the total mass in the asteroid belt. I love her dearly, but often don’t include her in my readings because her influence usually doesn’t speak so loudly. In the chart of this eclipse, however, her influence is big news, because she’s standing still in the first initiating degree of Sagittarius, and in a grand trine with Chiron and Mercury.
Ceres’s other name is Demeter: Mother Earth. When she’s big in a chart, we see the importance of family, and the inclusion of different generations highlighted. Taking joy in working with the earth, sharing food, and witnessing the beauty of life are her gifts. (I think Cancer is her true home) New viable strategies toward a sustainable future are taking flight at this time, and (fingers crossed) we’re going to be hearing more about them very soon.
Mars in Leo is currently totally “out of sect” (during the days), stirring up righteous indignation (and road rage) all over the place. He has some wonderfully bombastic self-confidence to share in this time (if we can find the patience).
Chiron in Aries is offering insights about our journeys with anger (and Mars), and is helping us to integrate the lessons we’ve learned through turf wars and confrontations gone by. There are times in life when we must go to battle, and Chiron in Aries wants to help us find the right ones.

Mercury Rx is the star of this formation, helping us to reconsider some episodes from the past where we didn’t find the bravery to follow our hearts and express our creative, original gifts (or got shut down when we did). What episodes from the past are being replayed for you? What familiar old forms of stage fright are visiting?

2. The Jupiter-Neptune square is throwing a lot of “maybes” out there in too many directions. We have more info being thrown at us every day than ever before, and what of it is worth paying attention to? We can follow these distractions toward adventures in addictive escapism or higher spiritual awakening.
This very distractable (and also very magical) square is pointing at that Mercury Rx in Leo, and another blast from the past that’s visiting now is about philosophical priorities: What stories about yourself are you deciding to buy into? What myths about “the way reality is” are ready to be rewritten? Pick up a pen and get idealistic with some new visions about what you’d like life’s purposes to be about. (Rewrite the old story about where your gift was rejected, maybe….)

3. Eris is the dwarf planet who’s more massive than Pluto, and got him demoted (and Ceres promoted) to dwarf planet status. Her influence is still a bit of a question mark, but her themes seem to be connected deeply with the climate change crisis, and the need for a restoration of indigenous (felt sense) remembering. I think we’re going to be learning more of her influence now that this Eclipse has sparked it. So far, her energies often seem to be related to a resurgence of the primal feminine (an important theme of this eclipse). We have been gifted with the vision of the feminine polarity as gentle, receptive, and passive, but Eris seems to be connected to some darker and more raw aspects of her. Chaos and mystery seem to be keywords of the experiences she leads us through- trials of tumultuous emotion that test our faith.

This time period feels like some sort of birth canal, and we need to understand that the contractions are not under our control. We just need to keep breathing and pushing when it’s time. Divine Mother wants her children to grow, but it might not be such a cozy process for a bit here!

Blessings to you!

P.S. Sign up for a reading! They’ve been getting better and better, as more uplifting channeled guidance is flowing through my circuitry than ever before!


New Moon in Gemini

June 13, 2018

New Moon in Gemini 

June 13th, 2018, 2:43 pm CDT   22Gem44 

“I think the Discovery Channel should be on a different channel every day.” -Craig Sharf

Gemini is a sign that’s filled with curiosity, and knows how to look at the world through new eyes in each moment. Gemini doesn’t need a destination  to enjoy the ride. This New Moon is inviting us to look at our lives and this world through goggles of innocent wonder, and to have patience with ourselves for those times when our motivated focus trains wander off the tracks.

This chart is heavy in Air (talky talky) and Water (feely feely) and has a lack of Fire (confidence and drive). An overarching message that might help you plant some good New Moon wishes is: What longed-for changes do you talk about again and again that you don’t do anything about? Make a couple little course corrections with this Moon. Less is more. One little choice clearly stated can mean more than usual now. The mind and the feels will take you in many directions. What one recurring distraction might you rewire this month?

This Moon is square to Neptune in Pisces (prominent for the past week). Neptune is outside of time and space, and likes to move in many directions at once (and/or not move at all… simultaneously). Some of those with attention challenges are having an exceptionally difficult time with this aspect, and distractions seem to be piling up and pulling rugs out, no matter what we do about them.

Anger-prone Mars in Aquarius is crawling along at a snail’s pace, one degree away from the position where he’ll be going retrograde on the 26th (9Aqu13). Have you noticed the uptick in anger all over the place? This is Mars slowing down. His aim is to teach us patience in dealing with long-standing obstacles (particularly with humans and outworn hierarchies). The New Moon is in a tight sesquiquadrate with Mars, and it’s a good time to make some hard decisions about facing deeply embedded, ineffective habit patterns that are ready for change. You’ll be amazed by the focus and persistence you’ll find on your missions if you can make a clear decision “out loud” now. (Note: The Moon goes void-of-course right at New Moon time, so if you’re reading this a little later than the appointed time, it might be good to wait to plant your decisions ’til the 14th, when the Moon will have moved into Cancer).

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and in this chart, the messenger with winged feet has moved into moody Cancer (to oppose Saturn, that responsibility-focused task master). Venus (the other communicator) is also in Cancer (in the very last degree), and this New Moon is asking us to look at some of our patterns of emotional expectations (and manipulations) with all of our relationships. Are you overly attached to outcome in some partnership? What entangling contracts are you or others projecting onto the relationship? What emotional needies are you working on satisfying compulsively?

Venus is square to rebellious Uranus now, and new degrees of interpersonal freedom are being catalyzed (not so comfortable for those nurture-needing Cancer energies). Revolutionary approaches to romance and sensuality are on the scene, and getting out of our comfort zones can be good medicine now.

Find a little dose of playful, new-world-envisioning curiosity in this celestial event. Make a few clear choices that can help the eternal youth in you to find a little more dedication and persistence in following those dreams.


Saleem Adam Wolter

Full Moon in Virgo

March 1, 2018

Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon in Virgo

The stories of this Full Moon seem to center around an inspired magical awakening. Old veils are being lifted, and old pains we’ve clung to are melting away. We’re asked to diagnose and prescribe some solutions to the distractions that keep us from living in vibrant health, happiness, and effective “down here on planet earth” participation.

The Sun is conjunct with far out Neptune in otherworldly Pisces (and Mercury, Venus, and Chiron are also conjunct in Pisces). Neptune (and Pisces) is associated with mirrors, dreams, and symbolic imagery. Things are not what they seem when Neptune is strong, and spiritual guidance is ripe for the asking. Keep your eyes and feelers out for curious and beautiful synchronicities that guide.

The Moon in Virgo is the handle of a bucket shape in this chart, giving her a good dose of extra strength and responsibility. Virgo likes to look for practical solutions to clearly defined problems (and/or just worry for the satisfying sake of worrying). Virgo’s wisdom is about discernment, organization, and putting things in their proper places. Her shadow is about nothing ever being quite good enough, and getting toxic with criticism.

This Moon is asking us to release some inefficient uses of our critical faculties. How many things are you paying attention to that simply aren’t worth your time? How many restaurants are you reviewing before you finally go ahead and pick one? Too many choices can make us really miserable. Decide to simplify your options now.

The shadow of Pisces is the victim, and this Moon can also help us to cut the cords to some old wounds: Where has your emotional and/or psychic sensitivity become your identity? Where have stories of victimhood kept you safe, and nurtured important connections (with codependent flavors)?

This Moon wants to help us turn down the volume on our overcritical faculties and self-limiting judgments. At the same time, she also wants to help us release patterns of self-denying victimhood and escapism.

What commitments and projects are sucking your soul now? What important activities are you forgetting to put on your schedule (and follow through on)?

Invite some magical balance to your plate with this magical event, and let the veils of illusion and attachment evaporate one after another. Your soul is free, and it’s time to remember more of that truth.



Some Super Blue Blood Moon Thoughts

January 30, 2018

Happy Big Blue Blood Moon in Leo to you!

January 31st, 2018 7:26am CST

This very magical and charged Lunar Eclipse in Leo has been visiting me in playful and elusive ways, and I’d like to share a little bit of what she’s been talking to me about so far.

The messages I keep getting seem to center around more beautiful expressions of creativity unwinding and blooming where we didn’t know we needed them to. Healing releases of ancestral karma and passed-down reality models are possible now. Notice what lessons (and branches of your family tree/tribe) come calling over the next two weeks.

This Fully Eclipsed Full Moon is lined right up with dwarf planet Ceres, and the two of them are strongly emphasized, as they’re all alone together in the western half of the chart.

Ceres’s other name is Demeter: Mother Earth, and this name suits the energy of this important dwarf planet. Her alignment with this Moon is highlighting barriers to our sacred connections with the living earth and each other. Notice the symbols of strong world-changing women and mothers coming to the fore. This eclipse is catalyzing the release of some outdated power programs.

Appropriately, Mercury (the decider) is in the last degree of Capricorn (worldly power concepts). When any planet is in the last degree of a sign, it has a little crisis moment before a release. This Lunar Eclipse is centered around a power concept crisis moment, and a much more feminine/receptive/beauty-oriented kind of power is being invited to find expression through us.

We’re being asked to look at our barriers to sharing.

Not just our barriers to bold self-expression, but our barriers to deeper connection and co-creation with our fellow humans. Some beautiful social harmonies and updates on what “family” means are going to be visiting over then next two weeks. Invite those blessed lessons.

Enjoy the magic,

Full Moon in Taurus

November 3, 2017


Full Moon in Taurus

November 4th, 12:23 am CDT    11Tau58

The chart of this Full Moon in Taurus is delivering messages about owning and sharing our worth, and can help us to unearth more of the beautiful values that are singing deep inside of us. Honoring our investments of time and attention, and forgiving past transgressions can help us to find the gold buried in this Moon.

Full Moons are times to illuminate our successes, and sing praises for the gifts that are growing in our lives. Answers to questions we didn’t know we were asking can come to light, and clear decisions about what we’re ready to let go of are empowered.

Venus and Mars (rulers of Taurus and Scorpio) are both in Libra, giving this Full Moon a peculiarly romantically-flavored energy, but not in the traditional sense. Venus is exactly opposite to excitement-driven Uranus in Aries (the lord of rebellious independence), and it’s a great Moon to go on flirtatious (appropriately!) adventures with world-changing weirdos, but maybe not the most likely time to receive positive feedback regarding the tried and true partnerships in our lives. This Moon is asking us to be clearer about our boundaries, and to challenge any addictions to co-dependent behavior patterns (ours or others’) that arise.

The chart of this Moon is very watery, but it has a fiery and wildly creative backbone: Steady Saturn in Sagittarius is trine to rebellious Uranus in Aries, and both of them are trine to the South Node of the Moon in Leo (as well as the position of our last Solar Eclipse). The final pass of this grand trine (assisted by Venus in Libra now) is pushing an ignition switch of healthy solidarity. The same energies that have brought us some white power rallies are also catalyzing some much prettier aspects of revolutionary (consciousness) solidarity. Send some love to that notion with this Moon, and reach out to the wild cards in your life who are making a difference in our world.

The emotional, watery side of this Moon’s energies are centered around an upcoming trine between story-telling Jupiter (and Sun) in Scorpio and “far out” Neptune in Pisces. There is an unmistakable infusion of creative imagination with this Full Moon. Your five senses can get some help from your 6th (and 7th!) senses now. As the temperature drops, we’re invited to find a richness within that’s maybe been overlooked for a bit. This energy has a gentle patience to it. Forgiveness of self and others, past and present (and future!) is available through choice and conscious embodiment now. Spread that healing balm everywhere you can when you find it. Dance, pray, sauna, eat good food with good creatures…

Additionally, Chiron in watery Pisces is in a close (final!) square with Saturn in Sagittarius. The wounds of the past 11 months (since this aspect came online) are blistering, but holistic awareness is growing up out of them. The holes in the fabric of our collective psyche that have been burned by pathological materialism and corrupted “faith” (and politics! not to mention ignorance…) are calling for some healing solutions. The agendas of our history books and memorials aren’t telling an unbiased story, and the stories of our personal histories might have a little bias in them too. This square is calling us to question “the way things have always been” and update our beliefs and “party” alliances with more holistic awareness of our deep histories, and some compassion for our crazies.

Deep secrets are exposed with this Full Moon. “True” Samhain will be here in a few days (Monday night, as the Sun crosses the midpoint between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice- 15Sco00). The veils grow thinner by the hour, and surprising revelations of elusive energies and agendas are likely. Give thanks for the deep wisdom that bubbles up, and honor those ancestors.

Use this Moon to declare more of your wonderfulness, and to invite deeper integrity into your life and partnerships. Take stock of the ways in which your gifts dance through this life. Bid adieu to those voices that tell you you’re not enough. Enjoy the palace of your magnificent senses, and open up to connection with a deeper love of this life.

Blessings to you,

Saleem Adam Wolter 

New (craazy) Moon in Libra

October 19, 2017


New Moon in Libra (opposite to Uranus (and Eris (and sesquiquadrate to Neptune)))
October 19th, 2:12 pm CDT   26Lib35

Libra is the elegant and diplomatic home of extroverted Venus, the connector. New Moons here are times to plant seeds of peace and understanding. This time, however, has a bit of a different spin to it, as the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite to Uranus, the disruptor, and are also opposite to Eris, the dwarf planet who’s offering up some tough feedback in response to human insanity re: objectification and abuse of women, and systemic disrespect of our living, soul-infused world.

This uncomfortable New Moon offers a magical moment to send some prayers and declarations of radical freedom and healthful autonomy into the ethers. Libra’s shadow is about pandering to the expectations of others, and comparing and judging through lenses of envy and fear. Libra’s gold is about right relationship and effective solidarity (which isn’t always as easy as it sounds). Commit with this New Moon to expressing a little more radical truth in all of your relationships. “Playing nice” is a disease when we’re just trying to avoid uncomfortable (but essential) confrontations. Conversely, being righteously pissed about injustices all day long is also a soul sucker. How can you declare your independence from programs of engagement that are keeping you from witnessing and expressing more of your (and others’) original truths?

We’re in a time of crisis, and it’s time to commit to facing some very uncomfortable energies that are in the room of our collective. Optimistic Jupiter’s transit of solidarity-inspiring Libra over the past year included a couple very challenging sparks – three squares to Pluto in Capricorn, and three oppositions to Uranus in Aries. The teamwork we saw catalyzed was indeed revolutionary (Uranus) and transformational (Pluto), but more in the way of a “South shall rise again”/good ol’ boys’ power-oriented sense, and less in the way of strides forward in the department of effective civic participation (although maybe the Bernie/Hillary fiasco was an important eruption that’s getting some other uncomfortable gears to turning…)

Last year was kind of an “admitting we have a problem” year, as catastrophic effects of inequality, climate change, ignorance (and disinformation), and militaristic/”patriotic” xenophobia came to the fore. This New Moon is a call to conscious action, and things will probably be getting way weirder before they get better (Uranus is totally unpredictable, and this New Moon has lit his fuse).

This New Moon is also exactly sesquiquadrate to Neptune, the way-out-there planet who reminds us that reality isn’t what we think it is, and that the truth is within (but not in our heads). The one-liner I’ve been hearing from the Uranus-Neptune semi-square (Aug. ’17 – May ’19) so far is “the revolution needs to happen on the inside.” Commit with this New Moon to finding more of the truth within. Invite (with your heart) the illumination of your next steps on the path through this strange world. Visit with that place inside where all hearts are one, and coax a little bit more of that harmony out onto the stage of your life.

Jupiter has entered truth-seeking Scorpio (currently conjunct with the messenger, Mercury), and this year will initiate some deep psychotherapy on the shit-show we’ve been watching on the big screen. What are some of the shadows of corrupt desire we need to accept and confront in our lives in order to dislodge their rise to power? What are the gifts that are buried under greed, intimidation, exploitation…?

Declare your independence from programs and partnerships that are sucking your soul, and decide now to invest in the (naturally challenging) alliances that grow good things. Raise your middle finger to patterns of powerless complacency, and reach out a hand to more weirdos who are initiating revolutionary beauty.


Full Moon in Aries

October 5, 2017

Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries
October 5th, 1:40 pm  12Ari42

The chart of this Full Moon in Aries contains 6 oppositions (interpersonal exchanges), and is gilded by a conjunction between Venus and Mars, the Yin and Yang of connection-making.

The overarching message of this Full Moon seem to go something like this:

It’s time to notice and commit to correcting imbalances in our relationship concepts, and to withdraw projections that aren’t serving.

The Moon in Aries charges us up for interpersonal battle: helping us to enforce clear boundaries, yet also urging us to reach out to ask for what we want from others. There is a danger with this Moon of giving our power away to others through blame or judgment. Lessons about what is and isn’t working in all of our exchanges (romantic, platonic, commercial…) come to light now.

The Sun in connection-seeking Libra is conjunct with quick-witted Mercury, and quincunx to confusing, multidimensional Neptune. The way we’re talking about others in our heads can offer some interesting reflections about the way we talk to ourselves. This Moon might highlight some interesting caricatures to help you learn more about some parts of yourself who are asking to come home.

Pluto in Capricorn is square to the Sun and Moon, and this event is a catalyst for evolutionary uncertainty. A lot can feel out of control and scary right now. Honor whatever feelings come up, and listen for the lessons and deeper guidance, not the conclusions your monkey mind wants to jump to.

This conjunction of Venus and Mars in correction-oriented Virgo is in a waning square to Saturn in moral Sagittarius. Long-term lessons about what does and doesn’t work in romantic and professional partnerships are ripe for realizations now. Some crystal clear fantasies about “Twin Flames” or rose-colored glasses regarding an intimate other might be getting a little fuzzy now. This is an opportunity to infuse our connections with practical realism and focused effort, and also to release our certainties about stories we’ve woven. We’ve been fed a lot of propaganda about the magic of romantic love, but this Moon wants to remind us of all the blessed work that all healthy relationships require. Actions always speak louder than words.

Use the magic of this Moon to release some inhibitions about going ahead and exposing more of who you really are to the people you care about. Put a little extra love into listening now. Vulnerability is a really healthy thing when there isn’t an agenda behind it. Deep, magical connection-making energies are being cultivated in our world, but they might not be so comfortable to access for a bit here.

Blessings to you!







Fall Equinox

September 22, 2017


Happy Equinox!

Ahh, a blessed time of peace, balance, and tranquility… Ha! As if! These are some “interesting” times of crazy change! The Sun’s ingress into Libra is, however, offering us a chance to infuse our paths with a bit more peace, untangle our attachments to challenging conditions, and build more rewarding connections and partnerships.

The tumultuous energies of the moment (hurricanes, and earthquakes, and threats of nuclear armageddon, oh my!) are being illustrated by the dance of three outer planets. Jupiter in Libra is making its final dramatic opposition to Uranus in Aries (a culmination of energies that got started in 2010), and is also just moving into a sesquiquadrate with Neptune in Pisces (both aspects exact on Sept. 27th). (Uranus and Neptune are semi-square to one another five times Aug. ’17 – May ’19!)

But before I go any further with too much planetary jargon and big-picture speculation (we are indeed, in the midst of  a huge (but not straightforward) paradigm shift!) I’d just like to explore some of the guidance I’m getting from this brief Fall Equinox.

The Sun is in Libra, and the Moon is in Scorpio.

The two luminaries are the life-giving dancers in our skies, and when each is in the sign of its “Fall” (as they both are with this Equinox), we can easily pay a little bit more attention to what we think we’re lacking, rather than noticing the bounty in our coffers.

The Fall Equinox is a harvest celebration, and giving thanks for all of the gifts and lessons we’re being given is good medicine now. Maybe some of the gifts we can give thanks for this time are the ones that nudge us out of our comfort zones, and help us to uncover more of our work…

The golden gifts of Libra are about creating peace, and releasing selfish agendas to really see and listen to our neighbors; a desire for connection is the driver. The shadow of Libra is about people pleasing, and pandering to others to get what we want; the fear of rejection directs.

The gold of Scorpio is about digging deeper to uncover transformative insights, and to be honest with ourselves about our drives. The shadows of Scorpio manifest through the urge to manipulate others, and to blindly grasp for power and control.

What pictures come up from our world stage as you read these words? What personal dramas new and old are you encountering?

Decide now to invite your interpersonal lessons to unveil more of their gifts. See if you can dwell a bit more in that point of balance, where you’re not quite sure who or what you or anyone else is, but you’re interested in the dance of learning more. Disavow  your obedience to the cults of selfishness and limiting self-definition we’re asked to subscribe to.

Venus and Mars are in a “Balsamic Phase”
(Approaching their next conjunction in Virgo on October 5th!)

The lovers are at the end of their cycle (last conjunction Nov. ’15, also in Virgo). We’re in a time of absorbing and critically deconstructing relationship patterns, and this Equinox is offering glimpses of larger lessons.

Where have you dropped the ball with an important partnership or two? Who do you think still owes you? What can you forgive and let go of? What simple shifts can help you to be more available for the creatures you care so much about? What do you need to ask for?

Mercury is now in Virgo, trine to Pluto in Capricorn

Virgo is the sign of Mercury’s Rulership and Exaltation, and decisions and commitments made with this Equinox can really stick. We are in a time of momentous and uncomfortable change, and this harmonious trine to the lord of the underworld is here to remind us of the butterfly effect. Remember: small decisions and actions are usually the ones that really count.

Peace and blessings to you,

P.S. More on the Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune intensity soon!






A brief preview of September

September 1, 2017

September promises to bring some potent waves of (deeply productive) revolutionary unrest.

The Sun spends most of September in Virgo (entering Libra 9/22). Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury, planet of communications, short journeys, and practical efficiency. Virgo is the sign in our charts that helps us to get our ducks in a row, organize our schedules, create more effective habits, and tidy things up. This month promises to bring some challenges to these departments for all of us, and the central key that we’re asked to grasp (while simultaneously upping our efficiency game) goes something like this: “Whatever reality models you’ve built, know that they’re all temporary. The keys to deeper visions of truth are inside, but they’re not to be found in your rational mind. Reality isn’t what you think it is.”

The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all spend most of the month in rational detail-oriented Virgo, and all complete disruptive oppositions with that god of illusion (and/or enlightenment), Neptune in Pisces (on the 5th, 19th ,24th , and 30th respectively). Neptune is a doorway to the unconscious (where the consciousness patterns and beliefs that are running various shows in our collective play, but not so consciously). Boundaries dissolve when the volume’s cranked up on Neptune, and familiar rules of time and space break down. Invest some time in developing your psychic faculties and tuning your trans-rational spiritual heart this month. The jokes the gods play this month can help to shine some light on deeper treasures you’ve got buried.

Mercury’s retrograde period will be ending during our Full Moon in Pisces on the 5th, but the trickster’s disruptive and feather-ruffling influences are going to be strong all month (the worry-inspiring side of it will be particularly strong through the 17th, as Mercury and Mars make a ridiculously extended conjunction). Releasing comfortable (and misery-perpetuating) habit patterns is the heart of the assignment.

The Sun enters solidarity-generating Libra, on the 22nd, turning our collective attention to the final pass of an opposition between myth-making Jupiter in connection-oriented Libra and rebellious Uranus in “my way or the highway” Aries. This aspect speaks of a culmination regarding revolutionary calls for a better world that got started right around the time of the Arab Spring in 2010 (remember Occupy Wall Street, and all kinds of other uprisings all over the place?) What does “Power to the People” look like in your best possible reality model? Maybe there are some more interesting alternatives to the Civil War reboot that seems to be getting rolling here…

The times are getting weirder, one way or the other. Please take some time to make that weirder more beautiful, uplifting, and humorous. The screenplay of our collective is really ready for a little more inspired magic, and the time is ripe.




Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

August 7, 2017


Full Moon (Eclipse!) in Aquarius
August 7th, 1:11 pm CDT   15Aqu25

Full Moons are opportunities to give thanks for the truths that are coming to light, and to let go of illusions we’ve clung to that are no longer serving.

This Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is asking us to release programs of social engagement that are no longer effective. What expectations of friends and relatives are you not living up to (and/or too controlled by)? What validation for your opinions are you not receiving? Have you established a confident original identity in the social orders you’re involved with?

There’s a lot of tension in this Full Moon, as Mars is (still) conjunct with the Sun and opposite to the Moon. Confrontations with critics within and without are being catalyzed, and we get to decide what battles are worth fighting. Take a look at some stories from the past in which you were bullied or excluded (or bullied and excluded others). What opinions of others (that aren’t helping you to shine) are you still buying into? Choose now to forgive and release the stories of social inclusion/exclusion that aren’t helping you to be a confident steward of your self-concept.

Speaking of self-concept, one image that has been coming up with this Eclipse is a cracked mirror…

Mercury in Virgo is opposite to Neptune in Pisces, and will be going retrograde on the 12th, just shy of completing that opposition. Neptune is the planet who helps us to transcend illusions of the separate self, while Mercury in Virgo is a detail-oriented task master who wants to get things packaged up, planned out, and executed with exacting perfection. This opposition conjures a bit of a conundrum, as there’s a loud demand to “get things right,” but it’s coupled with an energy that transcends concepts of order, time, and self. Reality isn’t what you think it is. Open up to more beautiful visions of what might be possible, and get to work without the need for rigid agendas or clear goals. Maybe your ideas of who you are are just cages to emerge from…

Aquarius is the sign of the internet and social media. Decide now to release any aspects of online engagement that are keeping you from fully living. Is the character you play on Facebook or Instagram helping or hindering your life’s work? Is social media helping you to connect and engage effectively with co-creators, or do you find yourself avoiding life to compare and judge, or getting too wrapped up in the worries of the world? This Eclipse is an opportunity to ditch the stuff that’s unhealthy about your uses of social media.

This Full Moon is offering a few invitations to get your fixed opinions out of the way. The image that’s been arising again and again is of a person being peeled like an ear of corn, exposing more of the soul’s radiance. Admit that you don’t know the whole story and never will (with your head anyway). Release the spinning rusty gears of those concept machines, and awaken to more participation with Life.

Saleem Adam Wolter

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