New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini 

June 13th, 2018, 2:43 pm CDT   22Gem44 

“I think the Discovery Channel should be on a different channel every day.” -Craig Sharf

Gemini is a sign that’s filled with curiosity, and knows how to look at the world through new eyes in each moment. Gemini doesn’t need a destination  to enjoy the ride. This New Moon is inviting us to look at our lives and this world through goggles of innocent wonder, and to have patience with ourselves for those times when our motivated focus trains wander off the tracks.

This chart is heavy in Air (talky talky) and Water (feely feely) and has a lack of Fire (confidence and drive). An overarching message that might help you plant some good New Moon wishes is: What longed-for changes do you talk about again and again that you don’t do anything about? Make a couple little course corrections with this Moon. Less is more. One little choice clearly stated can mean more than usual now. The mind and the feels will take you in many directions. What one recurring distraction might you rewire this month?

This Moon is square to Neptune in Pisces (prominent for the past week). Neptune is outside of time and space, and likes to move in many directions at once (and/or not move at all… simultaneously). Some of those with attention challenges are having an exceptionally difficult time with this aspect, and distractions seem to be piling up and pulling rugs out, no matter what we do about them.

Anger-prone Mars in Aquarius is crawling along at a snail’s pace, one degree away from the position where he’ll be going retrograde on the 26th (9Aqu13). Have you noticed the uptick in anger all over the place? This is Mars slowing down. His aim is to teach us patience in dealing with long-standing obstacles (particularly with humans and outworn hierarchies). The New Moon is in a tight sesquiquadrate with Mars, and it’s a good time to make some hard decisions about facing deeply embedded, ineffective habit patterns that are ready for change. You’ll be amazed by the focus and persistence you’ll find on your missions if you can make a clear decision “out loud” now. (Note: The Moon goes void-of-course right at New Moon time, so if you’re reading this a little later than the appointed time, it might be good to wait to plant your decisions ’til the 14th, when the Moon will have moved into Cancer).

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and in this chart, the messenger with winged feet has moved into moody Cancer (to oppose Saturn, that responsibility-focused task master). Venus (the other communicator) is also in Cancer (in the very last degree), and this New Moon is asking us to look at some of our patterns of emotional expectations (and manipulations) with all of our relationships. Are you overly attached to outcome in some partnership? What entangling contracts are you or others projecting onto the relationship? What emotional needies are you working on satisfying compulsively?

Venus is square to rebellious Uranus now, and new degrees of interpersonal freedom are being catalyzed (not so comfortable for those nurture-needing Cancer energies). Revolutionary approaches to romance and sensuality are on the scene, and getting out of our comfort zones can be good medicine now.

Find a little dose of playful, new-world-envisioning curiosity in this celestial event. Make a few clear choices that can help the eternal youth in you to find a little more dedication and persistence in following those dreams.


Saleem Adam Wolter


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