Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon in Virgo

The stories of this Full Moon seem to center around an inspired magical awakening. Old veils are being lifted, and old pains we’ve clung to are melting away. We’re asked to diagnose and prescribe some solutions to the distractions that keep us from living in vibrant health, happiness, and effective “down here on planet earth” participation.

The Sun is conjunct with far out Neptune in otherworldly Pisces (and Mercury, Venus, and Chiron are also conjunct in Pisces). Neptune (and Pisces) is associated with mirrors, dreams, and symbolic imagery. Things are not what they seem when Neptune is strong, and spiritual guidance is ripe for the asking. Keep your eyes and feelers out for curious and beautiful synchronicities that guide.

The Moon in Virgo is the handle of a bucket shape in this chart, giving her a good dose of extra strength and responsibility. Virgo likes to look for practical solutions to clearly defined problems (and/or just worry for the satisfying sake of worrying). Virgo’s wisdom is about discernment, organization, and putting things in their proper places. Her shadow is about nothing ever being quite good enough, and getting toxic with criticism.

This Moon is asking us to release some inefficient uses of our critical faculties. How many things are you paying attention to that simply aren’t worth your time? How many restaurants are you reviewing before you finally go ahead and pick one? Too many choices can make us really miserable. Decide to simplify your options now.

The shadow of Pisces is the victim, and this Moon can also help us to cut the cords to some old wounds: Where has your emotional and/or psychic sensitivity become your identity? Where have stories of victimhood kept you safe, and nurtured important connections (with codependent flavors)?

This Moon wants to help us turn down the volume on our overcritical faculties and self-limiting judgments. At the same time, she also wants to help us release patterns of self-denying victimhood and escapism.

What commitments and projects are sucking your soul now? What important activities are you forgetting to put on your schedule (and follow through on)?

Invite some magical balance to your plate with this magical event, and let the veils of illusion and attachment evaporate one after another. Your soul is free, and it’s time to remember more of that truth.





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