Full Moon in Taurus


Full Moon in Taurus

November 4th, 12:23 am CDT    11Tau58

The chart of this Full Moon in Taurus is delivering messages about owning and sharing our worth, and can help us to unearth more of the beautiful values that are singing deep inside of us. Honoring our investments of time and attention, and forgiving past transgressions can help us to find the gold buried in this Moon.

Full Moons are times to illuminate our successes, and sing praises for the gifts that are growing in our lives. Answers to questions we didn’t know we were asking can come to light, and clear decisions about what we’re ready to let go of are empowered.

Venus and Mars (rulers of Taurus and Scorpio) are both in Libra, giving this Full Moon a peculiarly romantically-flavored energy, but not in the traditional sense. Venus is exactly opposite to excitement-driven Uranus in Aries (the lord of rebellious independence), and it’s a great Moon to go on flirtatious (appropriately!) adventures with world-changing weirdos, but maybe not the most likely time to receive positive feedback regarding the tried and true partnerships in our lives. This Moon is asking us to be clearer about our boundaries, and to challenge any addictions to co-dependent behavior patterns (ours or others’) that arise.

The chart of this Moon is very watery, but it has a fiery and wildly creative backbone: Steady Saturn in Sagittarius is trine to rebellious Uranus in Aries, and both of them are trine to the South Node of the Moon in Leo (as well as the position of our last Solar Eclipse). The final pass of this grand trine (assisted by Venus in Libra now) is pushing an ignition switch of healthy solidarity. The same energies that have brought us some white power rallies are also catalyzing some much prettier aspects of revolutionary (consciousness) solidarity. Send some love to that notion with this Moon, and reach out to the wild cards in your life who are making a difference in our world.

The emotional, watery side of this Moon’s energies are centered around an upcoming trine between story-telling Jupiter (and Sun) in Scorpio and “far out” Neptune in Pisces. There is an unmistakable infusion of creative imagination with this Full Moon. Your five senses can get some help from your 6th (and 7th!) senses now. As the temperature drops, we’re invited to find a richness within that’s maybe been overlooked for a bit. This energy has a gentle patience to it. Forgiveness of self and others, past and present (and future!) is available through choice and conscious embodiment now. Spread that healing balm everywhere you can when you find it. Dance, pray, sauna, eat good food with good creatures…

Additionally, Chiron in watery Pisces is in a close (final!) square with Saturn in Sagittarius. The wounds of the past 11 months (since this aspect came online) are blistering, but holistic awareness is growing up out of them. The holes in the fabric of our collective psyche that have been burned by pathological materialism and corrupted “faith” (and politics! not to mention ignorance…) are calling for some healing solutions. The agendas of our history books and memorials aren’t telling an unbiased story, and the stories of our personal histories might have a little bias in them too. This square is calling us to question “the way things have always been” and update our beliefs and “party” alliances with more holistic awareness of our deep histories, and some compassion for our crazies.

Deep secrets are exposed with this Full Moon. “True” Samhain will be here in a few days (Monday night, as the Sun crosses the midpoint between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice- 15Sco00). The veils grow thinner by the hour, and surprising revelations of elusive energies and agendas are likely. Give thanks for the deep wisdom that bubbles up, and honor those ancestors.

Use this Moon to declare more of your wonderfulness, and to invite deeper integrity into your life and partnerships. Take stock of the ways in which your gifts dance through this life. Bid adieu to those voices that tell you you’re not enough. Enjoy the palace of your magnificent senses, and open up to connection with a deeper love of this life.

Blessings to you,

Saleem Adam Wolter



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