New (craazy) Moon in Libra


New Moon in Libra (opposite to Uranus (and Eris (and sesquiquadrate to Neptune)))
October 19th, 2:12 pm CDT   26Lib35

Libra is the elegant and diplomatic home of extroverted Venus, the connector. New Moons here are times to plant seeds of peace and understanding. This time, however, has a bit of a different spin to it, as the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite to Uranus, the disruptor, and are also opposite to Eris, the dwarf planet who’s offering up some tough feedback in response to human insanity re: objectification and abuse of women, and systemic disrespect of our living, soul-infused world.

This uncomfortable New Moon offers a magical moment to send some prayers and declarations of radical freedom and healthful autonomy into the ethers. Libra’s shadow is about pandering to the expectations of others, and comparing and judging through lenses of envy and fear. Libra’s gold is about right relationship and effective solidarity (which isn’t always as easy as it sounds). Commit with this New Moon to expressing a little more radical truth in all of your relationships. “Playing nice” is a disease when we’re just trying to avoid uncomfortable (but essential) confrontations. Conversely, being righteously pissed about injustices all day long is also a soul sucker. How can you declare your independence from programs of engagement that are keeping you from witnessing and expressing more of your (and others’) original truths?

We’re in a time of crisis, and it’s time to commit to facing some very uncomfortable energies that are in the room of our collective. Optimistic Jupiter’s transit of solidarity-inspiring Libra over the past year included a couple very challenging sparks – three squares to Pluto in Capricorn, and three oppositions to Uranus in Aries. The teamwork we saw catalyzed was indeed revolutionary (Uranus) and transformational (Pluto), but more in the way of a “South shall rise again”/good ol’ boys’ power-oriented sense, and less in the way of strides forward in the department of effective civic participation (although maybe the Bernie/Hillary fiasco was an important eruption that’s getting some other uncomfortable gears to turning…)

Last year was kind of an “admitting we have a problem” year, as catastrophic effects of inequality, climate change, ignorance (and disinformation), and militaristic/”patriotic” xenophobia came to the fore. This New Moon is a call to conscious action, and things will probably be getting way weirder before they get better (Uranus is totally unpredictable, and this New Moon has lit his fuse).

This New Moon is also exactly sesquiquadrate to Neptune, the way-out-there planet who reminds us that reality isn’t what we think it is, and that the truth is within (but not in our heads). The one-liner I’ve been hearing from the Uranus-Neptune semi-square (Aug. ’17 – May ’19) so far is “the revolution needs to happen on the inside.” Commit with this New Moon to finding more of the truth within. Invite (with your heart) the illumination of your next steps on the path through this strange world. Visit with that place inside where all hearts are one, and coax a little bit more of that harmony out onto the stage of your life.

Jupiter has entered truth-seeking Scorpio (currently conjunct with the messenger, Mercury), and this year will initiate some deep psychotherapy on the shit-show we’ve been watching on the big screen. What are some of the shadows of corrupt desire we need to accept and confront in our lives in order to dislodge their rise to power? What are the gifts that are buried under greed, intimidation, exploitation…?

Declare your independence from programs and partnerships that are sucking your soul, and decide now to invest in the (naturally challenging) alliances that grow good things. Raise your middle finger to patterns of powerless complacency, and reach out a hand to more weirdos who are initiating revolutionary beauty.



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