Fall Equinox


Happy Equinox!

Ahh, a blessed time of peace, balance, and tranquility… Ha! As if! These are some “interesting” times of crazy change! The Sun’s ingress into Libra is, however, offering us a chance to infuse our paths with a bit more peace, untangle our attachments to challenging conditions, and build more rewarding connections and partnerships.

The tumultuous energies of the moment (hurricanes, and earthquakes, and threats of nuclear armageddon, oh my!) are being illustrated by the dance of three outer planets. Jupiter in Libra is making its final dramatic opposition to Uranus in Aries (a culmination of energies that got started in 2010), and is also just moving into a sesquiquadrate with Neptune in Pisces (both aspects exact on Sept. 27th). (Uranus and Neptune are semi-square to one another five times Aug. ’17 – May ’19!)

But before I go any further with too much planetary jargon and big-picture speculation (we are indeed, in the midst of  a huge (but not straightforward) paradigm shift!) I’d just like to explore some of the guidance I’m getting from this brief Fall Equinox.

The Sun is in Libra, and the Moon is in Scorpio.

The two luminaries are the life-giving dancers in our skies, and when each is in the sign of its “Fall” (as they both are with this Equinox), we can easily pay a little bit more attention to what we think we’re lacking, rather than noticing the bounty in our coffers.

The Fall Equinox is a harvest celebration, and giving thanks for all of the gifts and lessons we’re being given is good medicine now. Maybe some of the gifts we can give thanks for this time are the ones that nudge us out of our comfort zones, and help us to uncover more of our work…

The golden gifts of Libra are about creating peace, and releasing selfish agendas to really see and listen to our neighbors; a desire for connection is the driver. The shadow of Libra is about people pleasing, and pandering to others to get what we want; the fear of rejection directs.

The gold of Scorpio is about digging deeper to uncover transformative insights, and to be honest with ourselves about our drives. The shadows of Scorpio manifest through the urge to manipulate others, and to blindly grasp for power and control.

What pictures come up from our world stage as you read these words? What personal dramas new and old are you encountering?

Decide now to invite your interpersonal lessons to unveil more of their gifts. See if you can dwell a bit more in that point of balance, where you’re not quite sure who or what you or anyone else is, but you’re interested in the dance of learning more. Disavow  your obedience to the cults of selfishness and limiting self-definition we’re asked to subscribe to.

Venus and Mars are in a “Balsamic Phase”
(Approaching their next conjunction in Virgo on October 5th!)

The lovers are at the end of their cycle (last conjunction Nov. ’15, also in Virgo). We’re in a time of absorbing and critically deconstructing relationship patterns, and this Equinox is offering glimpses of larger lessons.

Where have you dropped the ball with an important partnership or two? Who do you think still owes you? What can you forgive and let go of? What simple shifts can help you to be more available for the creatures you care so much about? What do you need to ask for?

Mercury is now in Virgo, trine to Pluto in Capricorn

Virgo is the sign of Mercury’s Rulership and Exaltation, and decisions and commitments made with this Equinox can really stick. We are in a time of momentous and uncomfortable change, and this harmonious trine to the lord of the underworld is here to remind us of the butterfly effect. Remember: small decisions and actions are usually the ones that really count.

Peace and blessings to you,

P.S. More on the Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune intensity soon!








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