A brief preview of September

September promises to bring some potent waves of (deeply productive) revolutionary unrest.

The Sun spends most of September in Virgo (entering Libra 9/22). Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury, planet of communications, short journeys, and practical efficiency. Virgo is the sign in our charts that helps us to get our ducks in a row, organize our schedules, create more effective habits, and tidy things up. This month promises to bring some challenges to these departments for all of us, and the central key that we’re asked to grasp (while simultaneously upping our efficiency game) goes something like this: “Whatever reality models you’ve built, know that they’re all temporary. The keys to deeper visions of truth are inside, but they’re not to be found in your rational mind. Reality isn’t what you think it is.”

The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all spend most of the month in rational detail-oriented Virgo, and all complete disruptive oppositions with that god of illusion (and/or enlightenment), Neptune in Pisces (on the 5th, 19th ,24th , and 30th respectively). Neptune is a doorway to the unconscious (where the consciousness patterns and beliefs that are running various shows in our collective play, but not so consciously). Boundaries dissolve when the volume’s cranked up on Neptune, and familiar rules of time and space break down. Invest some time in developing your psychic faculties and tuning your trans-rational spiritual heart this month. The jokes the gods play this month can help to shine some light on deeper treasures you’ve got buried.

Mercury’s retrograde period will be ending during our Full Moon in Pisces on the 5th, but the trickster’s disruptive and feather-ruffling influences are going to be strong all month (the worry-inspiring side of it will be particularly strong through the 17th, as Mercury and Mars make a ridiculously extended conjunction). Releasing comfortable (and misery-perpetuating) habit patterns is the heart of the assignment.

The Sun enters solidarity-generating Libra, on the 22nd, turning our collective attention to the final pass of an opposition between myth-making Jupiter in connection-oriented Libra and rebellious Uranus in “my way or the highway” Aries. This aspect speaks of a culmination regarding revolutionary calls for a better world that got started right around the time of the Arab Spring in 2010 (remember Occupy Wall Street, and all kinds of other uprisings all over the place?) What does “Power to the People” look like in your best possible reality model? Maybe there are some more interesting alternatives to the Civil War reboot that seems to be getting rolling here…

The times are getting weirder, one way or the other. Please take some time to make that weirder more beautiful, uplifting, and humorous. The screenplay of our collective is really ready for a little more inspired magic, and the time is ripe.






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