Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius


Full Moon (Eclipse!) in Aquarius
August 7th, 1:11 pm CDT   15Aqu25

Full Moons are opportunities to give thanks for the truths that are coming to light, and to let go of illusions we’ve clung to that are no longer serving.

This Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is asking us to release programs of social engagement that are no longer effective. What expectations of friends and relatives are you not living up to (and/or too controlled by)? What validation for your opinions are you not receiving? Have you established a confident original identity in the social orders you’re involved with?

There’s a lot of tension in this Full Moon, as Mars is (still) conjunct with the Sun and opposite to the Moon. Confrontations with critics within and without are being catalyzed, and we get to decide what battles are worth fighting. Take a look at some stories from the past in which you were bullied or excluded (or bullied and excluded others). What opinions of others (that aren’t helping you to shine) are you still buying into? Choose now to forgive and release the stories of social inclusion/exclusion that aren’t helping you to be a confident steward of your self-concept.

Speaking of self-concept, one image that has been coming up with this Eclipse is a cracked mirror…

Mercury in Virgo is opposite to Neptune in Pisces, and will be going retrograde on the 12th, just shy of completing that opposition. Neptune is the planet who helps us to transcend illusions of the separate self, while Mercury in Virgo is a detail-oriented task master who wants to get things packaged up, planned out, and executed with exacting perfection. This opposition conjures a bit of a conundrum, as there’s a loud demand to “get things right,” but it’s coupled with an energy that transcends concepts of order, time, and self. Reality isn’t what you think it is. Open up to more beautiful visions of what might be possible, and get to work without the need for rigid agendas or clear goals. Maybe your ideas of who you are are just cages to emerge from…

Aquarius is the sign of the internet and social media. Decide now to release any aspects of online engagement that are keeping you from fully living. Is the character you play on Facebook or Instagram helping or hindering your life’s work? Is social media helping you to connect and engage effectively with co-creators, or do you find yourself avoiding life to compare and judge, or getting too wrapped up in the worries of the world? This Eclipse is an opportunity to ditch the stuff that’s unhealthy about your uses of social media.

This Full Moon is offering a few invitations to get your fixed opinions out of the way. The image that’s been arising again and again is of a person being peeled like an ear of corn, exposing more of the soul’s radiance. Admit that you don’t know the whole story and never will (with your head anyway). Release the spinning rusty gears of those concept machines, and awaken to more participation with Life.

Saleem Adam Wolter

Ready for some help with your peelings and emergings? Send a line, and light up your life.



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