Capricorn Full Moon


Full Moon in Capricorn
Saturday, July 8th, 11:07 pm  17Cap09

Full Moons are the time each month when big gifts and big lessons come to light, and we’re offered a chance to celebrate all we’ve been given and to give away all we no longer need. This Full Moon promises to unveil some deep soul gifts, but is likely to feel (and maybe look) a bit ominous and/or uncomfortable, as she’s aligned with that power-hungry/shadow-facing/mortal-illusion-sabotaging lord of the underworld, Pluto.

Capricorn is the sign of worldly achievement; that place in our charts where we learn how to set our emotions to the side, and do what it takes to accomplish our goals. The ever-changing emotional Moon doesn’t have so much fun in this sign of getting down to business. This Full Moon asks us to recommit to the goals that matter, and to ditch the small stuff that’s keeping us from doing the work we care about.

The last couple weeks have brought some dramatic intensity to many plates, as motivational Mars in emotionally needy Cancer opposed Pluto in controlling Capricorn (exact on the 2nd). This opposition has been inspiring crackpot needs for control, fears around not having “what it takes,” and insecure programs of manipulation all over the place. What unmet needs have you been overly focused on? What dramatic and demanding parts of you (and your loved ones) need more compassion and forgiveness?

This Full Moon brings a culmination to (and potentially big breakthroughs regarding) these powerful primal energies that started the month. Decisions about balancing needs and energy demands at home and in the workplace are loaded. Check your ego at the door, nurture the “family” lineages you’re part of, and thank and release the major successes and failures of the last two years (since the last conjunction of Sun and Mars).

This Moon wants to help you to release outworn allegiances to external power structures that are sucking your soul. What external support do you think you need to be fully yourself? Do you need a better degree? More financial security? A better reputation?

These things are all fine and well to cultivate, but if they’re keeping you from engaging with your creative abilities, they’re just excuses. Your ideas of who you are and what you’re capable of are ideas, not reality. With this Moon, decide to uproot any self-concepts that prevent you from being a responsible steward of the gifts you’re here to share.

Talkative Mercury in Leo sextile to social Venus in Gemini (not to mention optimistic Jupiter in connection-oriented Libra square to the axis of this Moon) is adding some sparks of creative extroverted playfulness to this Full Moon, to help us process the challenging visions that are apt to arise. Reach out to those trusted allies who are gifted with a sense of humor, and explore the dramas of your lives (and our crazy/scary/beautiful world) together with curiosity.

The New Moon that’s coming up on July 23rd in the 1st degree of Leo is a crazy magical and powerful one. Our current Full Moon’s “intentions” seems to be centered around clearing the decks of outdated power models to receive the spark of that wildly creative event two weeks from now. Attachments to agendas, identities, and outcomes are being shaken to their foundations, but sprouts of ineffable beauty are peeking through the cracks.

Some scary things are happening in a few places, but big magic is growing in our world. Decide with this Full Moon to make more space for daring wonder to sprout.

Blessings to you
Saleem Adam Wolter

P.S. Send a line to learn more about my soul-inspiring readings. Getting one might provide a very helpful spark for you… (prices will be sprouting a bit with our next lively new moon on the 23rd)


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