Gemini New Moon


New Moon in Gemini
Thursday, May 25th, 2:44 pm CDT 4Gem46

Gemini is the sign of innocence and curiosity, who likes to follow many brief, entertaining fireflies in many different directions. This New Moon is a wonderful time to wish for more playful intelligence and friendly energies of light-hearted connection to light up your life.

It is, however, also an important time to say no to the distractions that keep you from following through with the projects and people you care about (and also the important obligations you’re not necessarily so fond of…)

Mercury (the quick-witted ruler of Gemini) is in patient, grounded Taurus for this event, aspecting Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius, who are approaching a not-necessarily-so-playful opposition (exact ~2 am on Monday)

This opposition between the planet of desire and willpower (Mars) and the planet of restrictions and responsibilities (Saturn) is conjuring some uncomfortably creative confrontations.

Tough decisions are on the plate now. Where do you need to clearly say no? Where do you need to say yes, and get off your butt and invest? Where do you need to draw the line regarding professional and financial responsibilities? What ages-old interpersonal conflicts or regrets would you like to have resolved or released? How does your schedule jibe with your stated intentions?…

Make some wishes with this New Moon that will help you to enjoy more spontaneous and playful flow in your life, but also make some that will help you to focus on your full potential, and not let energies of distraction dilute your commitments to goals and loved ones you care about.

This New Moon is conjunct with Ceres, the dwarf planet (formerly “asteroid”- she makes up 1/3 the mass of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter (!), with a 4.6-yr orbit) who is a steward of Divine Feminine remembering, and Mother Earth magic.

The energies of “the mind” have been taken a little too literally for a little too long. Thoughts aren’t things, and your opinions aren’t possessions.  This New Moon conjunct with Ceres is inviting a “right-brained” revolution. The children are remembering, and the fearful headlines are losing their power over our people. Spread the good news this moonth.

Blessings to you in these curious times,


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