Scorpio Full Moon

Scorp Moon

Full Moon in Scorpio
May 10th, 4:42 pm  20Sco24

Sabian Symbol for this degree:

Keynote: A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society.            -Dane Rudhyar

This Full Moon in Scorpio is a very significant turning point, inside and out.

Deeply embedded consciousness programs we’re not so fond of are coming up loudly now. This Moon is a gateway to recognize some deep-seated patterns, and decide to change them.

Mars (Scorpio’s ruler) in Gemini is in a long (5/3 – 5/22) semi-square with Mercury, and is currently also semi-square to Uranus, and square to Neptune:

This chart pattern describes some of the crazies that many are experiencing now:
-An extension of Mercury-retrogradeness, with glitches in the technology and plan-making departments, and reactive miscommunications borne of misunderstandings.
-Troubles with ADHD, insomnia, and restless ego syndrome (jealousy and blame)
-Onslaughts of divisive critical mind energies all over the place

With this Moon, declare your independence from the dictators in your head. Say no to the bullies who keep you waiting at whatever gate in fear of what lies beyond. Bid adieu to energies that keep you playing small, downplaying the worth of the part you play in this life. Commit to seeing more of the soul truth this life is showing you, and what you came here to transform (even though some of it isn’t comfortable whatsoever).

This Moon is in close, harmonious aspects with Pluto (Scorpio’s other ruler), indicating smooth movements with the releasing magic we initiate now.

Scorpio is the sign of powerful secrets. This Moon is catalyzing spills of a lot of powerful beans. The axis of this Moon is right at the midpoint of Jupiter and Saturn, indicating a very significant shift for the collective (and our president’s impeachment time seems like it might be here already!)

Use the magic gate of this Moon to dethrone the tyrants within and without. Choose to release any defensive ego programs that keeps you from sharing your worth with this world.


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