Taurus New Moon


New Moon in Taurus
April 26th, 7:16 am CDT   6Tau27

“Patience, young grasshopper”

This New Moon in grounded, stable Taurus asks us to experience more joy in the processes of this embodied adventure. Simple presence is a nutrient that can help us to understand the multitudinous blessings of each moment. Gratitude is a fuel that we can generate (whatever our circumstances), and in response, life will show us more reasons to create more of it.

Venus (the ruler of Taurus) is currently shining bright as our morning star in the very last degree of the zodiac at 29 Pisces, preparing for her rebirth into a new cycle, and illuminating new revelations of Divine Feminine understanding in our world. This will be Venus’s third time across that highly charged 0 Aries point in recent months (2/3, 4/2, 4/28). She did this back-and-forth dance once before in our lifetimes, in roughly the same window in 2009. Before that, she hasn’t done this since 1806… The last time Venus retrograded across this same exact zone she’s in now was in 1766, a year that catalyzed the American Revolution (see The Stamp Act Repealed).

So, infusions of Divine Feminine wisdom from on high (rather, from deep within) are bringing power back to the people, and all we need to do is focus on presence, patience, and gratitude in the process.

These are beautiful assignments, but may be easier said than done at the moment.

Mercury is retrograde in impulsive Aries (Mars’s sign) conjunct with electrical Uranus, and Mars in mental Gemini (Mercury’s sign) is at the charged midpoint of connection-inspiring Jupiter in Libra and shadow-power-facing Pluto in Capricorn.

The energies of this chart pattern are conjuring up confrontations with the diseases of the modern mind: Critical thinking that goes too far, impeding holistic awareness; Demands for immediate results; Self-righteous indignation that divides; Challenges with attention and focused intention…

The myth of “The Hero’s Journey” is overdue for a rewrite (article) See what the book of life reveals over the next couple weeks.

This New Moon day is an especially important time to set some intentions around staying grounded in the present moment, as Mercury’s jumpy conjunction with Uranus is going to last through the middle of May! Symptoms of insomnia and ADHD (not to mention technical glitches galore) are likely to surface in many lives. Bring out all the secret weapons in your peace-inspiring holistic arsenal, as you might need them to weather this worry-fraught storm.

On the positive side, lightning flashes of insight are going to be touching down in lives all over the globe. This aspect is a pressure cooker, and many camel’s backs will be breaking in order to make room for new approaches. Revolutionary downloads are available. Meditation is the key.  Patience with the process!

May peace prevail on Earth (eventually),



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