Full Moon in Libra

This Full Moon is shining light on a very confusing time on planet earth. Our Cardinal T-square’s fuse has been lit, and existential crises are in full swing in many departments. Remember: Breakdowns and breakthroughs are always part of the same pie. This is not supposed to be a comfortable process.

This Moon’s alignment with Jupiter in Libra is asking us to ditch the small stuff, get our stubborn opinions out of the way, release our needs for external approval, and to bravely reach out and connect with more of the allies, teachers, and lessons we came here to play with (some restrictions may apply…)

This Moon is goading us to get out of our familiar comfort zones, but a very strong pull in another direction is also present: Venus (ruler of Libra) is retrograde in sensitive Pisces, and square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Pits of self-doubt, eruptions of grief about stuff from the past, and patterns of isolation and escapism are likely to visit many paths.

This drawn-out aspect (strong for all of April) is also catalyzing disturbing revelations about the power that we’ve given to the symbol of the dollar, and just how much sway the entity of greed is claiming in our world (think oil cartels vs. the value of human life and dignity).

Mercury is retrograde in Taurus (Venus’s other sign), and we’re being asked to go inside to flesh out and reprogram those places where we have trouble valuing ourselves (and consequently others). Find the proof in your pudding that isn’t out there, but in here.

Blessings to you on this strange journey,



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