Big Brief Thoughts on this Vernal Equinox


Vernal Equinox 2017
March 20th, 5:29 am CDT

Welcome to the astrological new year!

The Sun’s move into Aries brings an infusion of swift-moving creative energies. The cosmos asks us to come out of our closets, get into our bodies, and join the celebration of new life that’s rising up from the earth.

The chart of this equinox is indeed full of life force (Sun, Moon, and five planets in fire signs), but the usual inspiration that comes with this event seems to have a bit of a frantic and potentially frustrating character to it…

Our (almost) Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct with Saturn (and the center of our galaxy), and square to the Sun in Aries

The Sun and Moon both in fire signs bring a refreshing dose of daring extroversion and over-confident optimism, but the participation of Saturn and the Galactic Center in this event seem to hint at something else that’s happening here…

Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius over the past couple years has been  conjuring stories of crackpot nationalism, racism, and xenophobia. Sagittarius likes to bridge cultural and religious divides, but Saturn likes to rein in and control things. “Us and them” is always a curse, and it’s time to break these trances.

The message of this configuration seems to go something like this:

The spirit of the Wild West has possessed your souls, dear citizens, and it’s time for an exorcism. The specter of fascism’s rise is not a cosmic joke, it’s just being spelled out this clearly for you to understand that it’s time to come together and get to work immediately. You came here with an original part to play, and the role of uncomfortable spectator and/or slave laborer doesn’t suit you.

You are here to become a channel for the creative wisdom that animates all worlds (even if this language pushes some buttons for you:) Your voice, your thoughts, your feelings- they matter. You are in relationship with all beings. Do good things with those relationships.

The Divine Feminine remembering that’s happening is about CONNECTION. You’ll find more clues about where your true “power” lies when you use that magic medicine.

Let any “New Year”s decisions you make at this time get you out of your comfort zone and into co-creative action. Cosmic guidance is available, and operators are standing by.

Blessings to you,

P.S. More on Venus’s Rx adventure soon… so much magic meeting me on the path in this crazy time!…


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