Full Moon (Eclipse) in Leo


Lunar Eclipse in Leo
Feb 10th, 6:33 pm CST    22Leo28

The Sabian Symbol for this degree:

Keynote: The audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence. -Dane Rudhyar

The Moon is in Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun. Leo’s fire illuminates lessons about creativity, self-confidence, play, and dramatic performance. The shadows of Leo are around self-centered grandiosity, extravagant entitlement, and non-stop sales pitches about the self (sound like anybody we know?(He was born with Leo rising))

The last time we had an eclipse in this Saros series was on January 31st, 1999. Bill Clinton was in the midst of his impeachment hearing. Good thing the nation isn’t dealing with anything so shameful this time, eh?

Now, it’s easy to get distracted and distraught by the travesties on the big screen, but the energies of this eclipse are asking us to turn our attention in another direction. You are that bareback rider displaying her dangerous skills. You are a performer in the circus of your life. What’s keeping you from going ahead and getting more dramatic and exuberant with the part you’re playing? Conversely, what dramas or personal ambitions are keeping you so tied up in your own head that you don’t do a good job connecting with others, and applauding the gifts they’re sharing?

The Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of The People. This eclipse is asking us to release the glitches in our programs that keep us from balancing the energies of Leo (The Ruler) and Aquarius (The People). What symbolic ritual could help you to invoke a balance between these two in your life? How could you get your limiting self-concepts out of the way enough to get out of the house and share something beautiful and meaningful with a group? Maybe a costume change would be good for the occasion… How might you update your concepts of The People? Maybe these concepts could include a little more of our living world as part of your extended family: the birds, the trees, the water, the air…

We have a Mystic Rectangle, a Grand Trine in Fire, two Kites, and almost a Grand Sextile (a Star of David) in this chart. Many astrology texts say that these are very propitious alignments, but experience has shown that the magic of these powerful formations is anything but harmonious. It’s an energy overload, and while it can lead to some breakthroughs, it can also lead to breakdowns.     

The elements are very out of balance in this chart. We have a deficit of Earth and Water (the Yin or “nocturnal” elements) and an overabundance of both Fire and Air (the Yang or “diurnal” elements). Anxiety and stress are natural byproducts of this energy. There’s a lot of hot air flying around, and not a lot of sensitivity or patience to keep it in check.

The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus (the most important story of these times of unpredictable rapid change) is being emphasized and accelerated by this powerful formation. The massive charge that is moving through our systems now might just blow a couple of circuits. Let this eclipse show you what old programs and stories you’re hanging onto that it would be good to let go of. What real or imaginary burdens are keeping you from standing up and surfing on these waves of change?

Venus and Mars are in head-first Aries, conjunct by ~5 degrees, but Venus has slowed down, won’t quite reach Mars, and will be going retrograde March 4th. The two won’t realize their conjunction until October 5th in Virgo. It’s said that desire is the starting point of all achievement, but it can also be said that it’s the starting point of some really stupid decisions (use rubbers, people!) Venus and Mars are now telling stories about wishes for love and inspiration unfulfilled.

Notice who and what you’re falling in love with in this chapter of your life. That passionate fire isn’t going to keep burning in the same way forever, but maybe you can use it to stoke some other fires. What unfulfilled (and possibly unachievable) ambitions do you need to nurture? What unrealizable love affairs (maybe with the Divine) do you need to dream about more?

There are glimpses being offered now of a new passion that will be needed for your work in the times to come. Know that Rome (or a successful marriage) wasn’t built in a day.

Jupiter’s now retrograde in Libra, and old-but-not-forgotten friends and allies from times gone by are coming out of the woodwork all over the place. Send lines to those co-creators you’re remembering now, and give thanks for the gifts they’ve shared with you.

This eclipse is asking us to release our barriers to effective teamwork, and Lord knows we’ve got some teamwork to get crackin’ on.






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