Attune to clarity of purpose with Imbolc

imbolcHappy ‘True’ Imbolc
Feb 3rd, 9:34 am CST

This is one of those magical cross-quarter gateways, when the Sun is exactly halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox, and the veils grow thinner.

I suggest tuning in to the magic of this gate with the sunrise (7:35 am) if you can (sorry for the late notice).

The sunrise chart is beautiful, with the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn all in dignity, and Mercury in Capricorn offering practical clarity. Clear vision is available now. Shine some light on your path of right action.

Jupiter in Libra is beautifully emphasized, and insights about effective human collaboration are ripe for the harvest. Write those good ideas down now (and/or share them with somebody already!)

15 Aquarius is the heart of Aquarius, and the heart of humanity. Attune your heart with the center of the Sun, and send out gratitude to the beings in your life who are sharing their gold, and doing their work. Ask to be shown more of your work. Where’s your gold, and how are you sharing it?

Amazing creators are emerging out of the woodwork of our world. Envision a new connection-powered cultural renaissance taking root in our world, because it already is. Ride this wave of humanity rising, and sprinkle gratitude all over it.

Blessed Imbolc-ings,

P.S. If you don’t get a chance to do some kind of conscious attunement with the sunrise, high noon (12:26 pm) is another particularly ripe time to download some magic (20 minutes either side)

P.P.S. Times listed are for Minneapolis


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