New Moon in Aquarius


New Moon in Aquarius
Jan 27th, 6:33 pm CST    8Aqu15

The Sabian symbol for this degree:


Some one-liners on this symbol from Dane Rudhyar:
“The vitalization of an important symbol, its embodiment in living reality”
“The archetype is given living substance and wings”
“The Image has become a Power”
“The seer must become the doer”

What a perfect symbol for this mysterious time of revolutionary change that’s been ignited. How are you doing with this exciting circus so far? It’s going to continue to get more and more interesting for a bit here…

The seeds we choose to plant with this New Moon can have some very beautiful and far-reaching effects. Sow seeds of solidarity and conscientious connection all over the place. Aquarius is the sign of “People Power,” and a wave of organized resistance to people power-squashing forces is on the rise. This confrontation is growing, and it’s moving fast. Choose with this Moon to ride this wave of revolutionary change to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, get out of your comfort zone, and reach out to the co-creators who are doing good things with this energy.

The Sun and Moon are approaching a harmonious trine to Jupiter in Libra (perfecting for the Moon tomorrow night, and for the Sun, with our Full Moon on Feb 10th)

Some of the efforts and wishes that are taking root with this New Moon will be showing some wonderful blossoms for our Lunar Eclipse on the 10th. The simple message I get from these approaching trines is: Truth will prevail for more eyes to see- keep sharing yours. 

The next two weeks will provide many opportunities to engage in challenging and interesting discussions (and actions). Join those circles that are generating vibration-raising intelligence, and fill your calendar with good connections.

All planets are moving direct (rare) with this Moon

2017 is a year of crazy change, and we are in a sort of fast-paced funnel of potential to affect the flavor of that change. Commit now to forgoing familiar comfort-zone defenses, and choose to get your hands dirty. The energy of this Moon is very overwhelming (and it’s natural to want some alone time with it), but the intentions that we commit to now can have wonderfully helpful effects in the approaching storms.

Mercury is conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn (setting off our Cardinal T-Square)

Definitions of power and value in our world are being called into question, and many voices are scrambling to make sense of this strange time.

The concept of power as something static is killing us all. The idea that power can be accumulated in a bank account or can be realized through having some important title or an amazing salary is very misleading. We have been programmed to think that power is about control and ownership, but maybe there are some other concepts of power we could choose to explore…

Maybe our new concepts of power can be more about life force. Maybe power isn’t something that can be accumulated, but something that flows through us. Everything is in motion all the time. Maybe true power is just about being more truly present for this strange dynamic experience of being alive…

(The people, united, will never be defeated!)

Happy New Moonings




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