Mars and Saturn say: Get busy!

The Moon in Virgo is setting off a Mutable T-Square with Mars and Saturn today (in full force 11 am – 6 pm CST):

It’s a good day to get busy on a lot of projects, but symptoms of worry and frustration can also overwhelm the circuitry now. There’s so much to do, but only so much time.

This square between Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius is highlighting the freaky rise of fascism in our world. Old deeply-ingrained patterns of “white male” power dynamics and delusional fears about change are coming up for review, and the power plays that are playing out don’t seem to be slowing down. This brief little T-square might just help us find some insight about how we can approach this strange time more healthfully for ourselves, and productively for our future.

The Moon’s opposition to Mars in Pisces asks us to confront any patterns of fearful escapism that keep us in the role of victim. Notice any anger that arises. Is there someone you need to confront or call out directly? Where are you pointing your finger? Who’s to blame for your feelings? What projections can you withdraw?

The Moon’s square to Saturn in Sagittarius can help us to look at our beliefs regarding the future of the human race, and our capacity to affect that future. A little bit of pessimism is a natural side effect of Saturn’s energies, but realistic long-term planning and commitment are the gold. What goals and action plans can you prioritize now? Any forgotten tools or trainings from the past that might be helpful?

This is a crazy time of change on our planet.

Keep your eyes wide, the chance won’t come again

(But don’t beat yourself up when you need to retreat! There’s heavy heavy shtuff moving through all of our systems. We’ve got a lot of healing to do here)



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