Full Moon in Cancer


Full Moon in Cancer

Jan 12th, 2017 5:34 am CST    22Can27

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  -Rumi

It’s a live one! The Moon is in her happy Cancer home, but she’s setting off an explosive Cardinal Grand Cross that is going to be making even more weird headlines for us all.

We have entered a crazy time of accelerated change, and if you’re feeling comfortable, you’re probably not paying attention. The pace is picking up, as all planets are now direct, and the spark of this Full Moon is kissing the alignments that are telling these stories of crazy change.

We are about to see a wonderfully progressive backlash to all of the regressive toxicity that has been exposed in our world recently. There is a revolution brewing, and all souls are being called to ride this wave of change (granted, some of those souls are reacting to the call with a breed of fear that hurts us all).

This Moon is asking us to let go of the emotional barriers we’ve built that keep us isolated and afraid. Planets in Cancer love to feel comfortable, and sometimes, when energies get intense like this, wine, chocolate cake, and movies sound much more inviting than dealing with anything complicated.

While creature comforts are important ingredients in any fulfilling life, our security blankets can sometimes keep us hidden away a little too long, waiting for a time when we’ll have the energy to participate again.

This is not a time to hide away. This wave of widespread change-inducing creative potential won’t be here for long (’til October).

Decide with this Moon to do some good work over the next two weeks on releasing any emotional habit patterns that keep you “safe” but miserable. Get out of your comfort zone. Join the warriors on the front lines of the creative revolution that’s getting rolling. Get off of Facebook, and out into the street.

Find your passion, that love inside of you that will fight for the good of this human family, and stoke that fire with all you’ve got.

(More on the details of planetary dynamics later)




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