New Moon in Capricorn


New Moon in Capricorn

Dec 29th, 12:53am CST   7Cap59

New Moons are usually great times for planting seeds of goodies we’d like to see grow in our lives. This one has a bit of a different flavor, as it seems to be more interested in cleaning up old messes than starting new ones. The Sun and Moon are lined right up with Mercury, who is currently doing one of his tricky backwards dances.

Messages from long ago about your inherent worth and capacity to achieve are coming up for review. Decisions you’ve made (and have maybe regretted a bit) are here to talk. This Moon wants to know more about your priorities, and help you to release any charge from those times when you didn’t do such a great job of honoring those priorities with your actions.

When did you bring your best, but got shut down anyway? When did you say yes when you should have said no? What “failures” are you still hanging onto?

This New Moon wants to help clear blocks to realizing your capacity to affect meaningful change in this world. Honor the ghosts of New Years’ past that are here, but set your sights on the new light of empowered action that is rising.

The Moon and Sun are both approaching conjunctions with Pluto in Capricorn (12/29 at 6:11 pm and 1/7 at 12:44 am respectively)

The lord of the underworld knows how to find the weakest links in our psyches, and can help us to stew on them in order to awaken and transform them.

Many opportunities for facing big scary demons and receiving amazing evolutionary breakthroughs will be coming up over the next 9 months. This New Moon (through Thursday evening) is a great time to say yes to the magic that is on the way, and to facing the tough stuff that is coming up. You don’t have to figure it all out right now, but your intentions can be very powerful at this time.

Mars is conjunct with Neptune in Pisces, sextile to this New Moon

Mars is the planet of drive and willpower, and Neptune is the outside-of-time planet of imagination, multidimensional awareness, and illusion. When these two come together, the energy goes in two basic directions (often simultaneously). One of the directions is toward fear: denying that anything is wrong and defending our vested opinions about how our stance is right and others are wrong. The other direction is toward love: saying “I don’t know what this strange reality is, and I don’t know if my dreams are possible to achieve, but I’m going to imagine that they are, and keep on working towards them with all I’ve got.”

Basically, there’s some crackpot bravado that’s on the table. You can do good things with it if you don’t get selfish with it. Focus on the big dreams that might not be accomplished in this lifetime. It’s going to take a lot of imagination and magical collaboration to fight the darkness that is here now.

Happy Moonings to you,






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