Intense Full Moon in Gemini


Full Moon in Gemini

Dec. 13th, 6:05 pm CST   22Gem25

Wow! How’s this crazy energy showing up in your experience so far?

This Full Moon seems like it might just be the perfect grand finale of a Full Moon for 2016…

Full Moons bring opportunities to celebrate all that’s blossoming in our lives, and also to see some of what’s ready to be pruned. This Moon might be feeling a little heavy in the “recommended prunings” department. Thankfully, she’s also delivering heaping helpings of community connection, infusions of shining intelligence, and insights about why we’re here on planet earth right now.

The Moon in Gemini is opposite to the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius

The Moon in Gemini usually asks us to take things lightly, to dance around problems and to get distracted by a variety of shiny objects. This opposition with Saturn, however, has a bit of a different flavor. This Full Moon is asking us to face our hangups around time and attention. We live in a world that seems to ask a lot of multi-tasking of us, and multi-tasking can suck a whole lot of energy out of anyone. What are you choosing to dedicate your time to? Where would you like to focus more of your energy?

What forms of communication, technology, and connection-building are helping you to make better use of your time? Where would you like to invest more time? If Facebook (or any other digitally-connected wonder) is at all an unhealthy habit for you, it might be a good time to decide what you’d like to change about it.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is currently grinding to a retrograde station in power-oriented Capricorn, conjunct with that power-hungry lord of the underworld, Pluto

Trump’s election happened as Jupiter squared Pluto, and now Mercury is coming to help us understand what we can do about the rise of fascism that seems to be underway.

This upcoming Mercury retrograde period (having influence through the end of January) will be offering up many lessons about concepts of power that are prevalent in our world(s), and also some refreshing perspectives about ways we might get more creative with them. ‘Power’ is often conceived of as a ‘power-over’ type of control or ownership of something or someone. Maybe healthful power is more about the energy that gets generated when we connect with others and share; something that doesn’t come from just one, but from two or more dancing together… Maybe ‘power’ is the creative spark and joy that is inherent in the fabric of life- the beauty of nature, the power of the breath…

(Speaking of breath, the air element is very strong with this Moon, and now is an especially dynamic window to bring your attention to the breath. Maybe some more ‘keys to the kingdom’ (insights on healthful power) will become available on your meditation cushion as you follow the breath…)

Some of you out there are going to be experiencing some really twisty power plays from Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto. It’s a good time to decide to untangle your attachments to justice being served right now in any disagreement you’re having. The presence of unconscious power dynamics denied and buried deep down in psyches can override rational agreements at this time. Take responsibility for your words and actions, but don’t take responsibility for others’ actions or ideas about you.

This Full Moon is a golden opportunity to release blocks you have around sharing your message, and participating in the creative communities you want to play along with

The axis of this Full Moon in Gemini is right at the midpoint of Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra, making a harmonious kite with the two of them.

Mars (and Venus!) in Aquarius are riling up a lot of excitement about gathering together in groups and making good things happen with teamwork. Send out those lines!

Jupiter in Libra is giving us some extra steam to reach out to those we care about and to share our big ideas with them. Libra is the sign of listening, and new experiences regarding the power of connection and the gift of deep listening are ripe for the harvest now.

Get creative with your optimistic long-range visions of what your life might be about. This Moon calls us to get realistic about our priorities and time management abilities, but it also asks us to release any excuses that keep us from sharing our voices.

There’s a Mystic Rectangle in Fire and Air Signs!

All I’m going to say about this one at the moment is this:

Last year’s energies were rife with confusion and disappointment (the Saturn-Neptune square) in which we got to admit collectively that ‘we have some big sticky problems to address.’

This next year’s energies will be filled with rapidly-paced, unsettling, creative energies of change that can help us come together to face these problems.

May the magic of this Moon show you more of the magic in your life,

Saleem Adam Wolter



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