New Moon in Sagittarius



New Moon in Sagittarius

Nov. 29th, 6:18 am CST   7Sag42

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Sun-Moon conjunction says a lot about the explosive evolutionary potentials of this intense New Moon in the fire sign of new frontiers:


How are these deep rumbles of crazy change treating you? The Donald is our president elect, and the words and actions of emboldened bigots everywhere are getting uglier; corporate military state forces are continuing their criminal invasion at Standing Rock (and Obama isn’t stopping them); Chris Hedges is saying even more scary and poignant things… (that last one has some important perspectives in it, but really- dude just takes it too far every time)

These times are calling for more effective, conscientious responses, but that’s a scary call to heed. So many ways to escape… so many ways to feel powerless…

This New Moon is an opportunity to pledge allegiance to your highest ideals of right action, learn more about what’s really happening, and to commit to building effective connections with more allies. What can you do to serve and support your neighbor that involves more than clicking the like button, signing a petition, and casting a gerrymandered ballot? Solidarity is a nice concept, but effective collaboration is always complicated (especially with smarty-pants allies)…

This New Moon in Sagittarius is making a T-square by squaring Neptune and the South Node of the Moon in Pisces, and squaring the North Node of the Moon (in the position of our last solar eclipse on Sept. 1st!) in Virgo.

This T-Square is a hall of mirrors that’s begging some challenging questions: Where are elements of denial keeping you from showing up and doing the work you came to do in this world? Self-worth issues? Finger-pointing and victimhood? Addiction and escapism from emotional overwhelm? Commit now to accepting and healing those parts of yourself you’ve tried to excommunicate. This month will offer opportunities to release some long-standing patterns of hiding your gifts away. Ask for help from this Moon’s magic.

Sagittarius is a sign that is about exploring new fields of knowledge and seeking new vistas of perception. This Moon is a wonderful time to commit to “spiritual” practices and studies (like regular meditation and exercise) that can facilitate consciousness shifts, and also help to coordinate the systems of your bodymind.

The energies of rapid change have been mobilized, and extra self-care is essential. Use the practices that have worked before, and sign up for classes with teachers you know can help.

This chart is electrified by another very powerful T-Square involving Jupiter in Libra, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus, Ceres, and Eris in Aries (that’s a lot of planets!)

The big surprising changes (and calls for revolution from a few directions) we are witnessing on the stage right now are expressions of the third wave of Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) powerfully setting off the paradigm-shifting Uranus-Pluto square (7 exact hits 2012-15).

The first wave of this energy was ignited by Jupiter in Aries 6/10-2/11 which showed us the Arab Spring, Egypt’s revolution, the Greek financial crisis, the start of the Syrian civil war, interesting happenings in Iceland, the seeds of Occupy Wall Street…

The second wave was sparked by Jupiter in Cancer 8/13-4/14 – the second Egyptian revolution, more curiously revolutionary drama all over the place…

Here’s the third and final wave of revolutionary interestingness 11/16 – 10/17 with Jupiter in Libra (Solidarity! Equality!). This third wave also includes a newly discovered planet who still has more mysteries to share- Eris. She’s the dwarf planet who’s more massive than Pluto, who seems to bring our attention to the climate change crisis, crackpot materialism run amok, and ostracized minorities and indigenous peoples fighting back. What’s happening at Standing Rock is very very significant, and it’s going to grow.

This ridiculously intense New Moon is asking us to get creative (and maybe a bit more focused) with our approaches to showing up and sharing our best in these crazy times. Please plant good seeds during (or shortly after) the appointed time for maximum healing benefits. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little flipped out now; life-changing consciousness shifts are rarely comfortable!

Blessings on this crazy journey of showing up for your life





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