Full Moon in Aries


Happy Full Moon in Aries

It’s a live one! The Moon is lined right up with Uranus in Aries, and it is a magical night to release your fears regarding the battles on your plate. What do you need to say “no” to in your life? What hurdles have you been avoiding for too long? Where do you need to say “F it” and get to work already?

Make a commitment now to find your strength in this world. Detach yourself from any drama that’s keeping you playing small, and dare to challenge the limitations of the “status quo” in your reality model.

Uranus (now conjunct that relatively new dwarf planet, Eris, who’s still quite a mystery, but seems to be connected with an awakening of the divine feminine and the drama of our climate crisis…) is the most unpredictable planet of them all, and the next two weeks should be showing us some Uranian events that we never could have seen coming. (Uranus rules technology, so maybe it will be an amazing breakthrough… of course, it could also be a nuclear meltdown… there’s no telling what we’ll be seeing)

Mars is conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn, and the drums of war seem to be beating in this chart (not what I was hoping to see in it). Neoliberal capitalism is killing us all, and the “free” market has nothing to do with freedom. Many of those who feel screwed by these systems are being given fuel to lash out now. Don’t do crappy things with whatever righteous indignation is coming up. Do good things with this energy please.

Take stock now of the allies who are in your company. Stand up to the forces in your psyche (and in the world around) that are masquerading as “business as usual” but are really just self-serving agendas that are helping us to avoid change.

Who are your enemies tonight? Greed, Fear, Apathy, Sloth… Decide to say no to the patterns that are hurting us all. Give thanks for your victories, and celebrate with the comrades who are weaving a better tomorrow with their beautiful lives.

Here’s a health to the company!



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