Fall Equinox Blessings


Happy Equinox!

We begin this most beautiful season with a lively conjunction between the Sun and inspiration-inspiring, larger-than-life-visioning Jupiter, who just entered Libra on 9/9 (and will stay there til 10/10/17- yay!)

We’ve been bombarded for a bit by lots of planets in the Mutable signs (still underway, but the Sun (and Jupiter)’s ingress into Libra is sparking a shift). Jupiter’s been in Virgo for the past year. Mars has been in Sagittarius (for the most part) since March. Saturn in Sagittarius has been squaring Neptune in Pisces for most of the last year. Mercury decided to take a little retrograde adventure in Virgo, and has been (and will be) there 7/30 – 10/7.

What does this overdose of Mutable energy mean, you ask? Basically, anyone who has any trouble with procrastination, escapism, or addiction has maybe been feeling a little extra “out at sea” for a while. There are a lot of “maybes” and “ought-tos” that can feel confusing and overwhelming sometimes, and we’ve had many to choose from for a bit here. This equinox is a golden opportunity to make some clear decisions about what direction we’re going in, and to get moving!

Jupiter is in its detriment in Virgo, and its ingress into Libra is a breath of fresh air. Planets in Virgo enjoy focusing on details and getting things right, but Jupiter’s nature is less about details and more about big picture idealistic visions of a world that is rich with meaning and adventure.

Jupiter’s shift into Libra is highlighted with this equinox, and a wave of inspired extroversion is calling many hearts to a new chapter of social participation. As we awaken to Jupiter’s presence in Libra, many opportunities to connect and share our Dharma will arise. To capitalize on Jupiter in Libra, you might want to send grateful lines of connection to the teachers and mentors who have helped (and are now helping) you. Choose to see with new eyes the gifts that others have to share, and thank them for sharing those gifts directly.

Note: Mars will soon enter Capricorn (sign of its exaltation!) on 9/27 to make an action-oriented square to Jupiter on 10/5, which will really help you get working on any big picture plans of connection, or “sharing your message” in a bigger way.

Mercury (in mutable Virgo 7/30 – 10/7) is stationing direct (notice the little “S” on the chart) today. Although many are breathing a huge sigh of relief, the effects of this retrograde will still be strong for another week. This direction change is an opportunity to begin to absorb some “ahas” from this retrograde period, and to make some deep decisions about behavior changes that have been inspired. Virgo loves little adjustments, so remember, they don’t have to be big ones.

Pluto in Capricorn is also (almost) stationing direct (9/26) in a ridiculously tight trine to Mercury. This harmonious trine drops a hint that whatever adjustments you choose to commit to now can lead to some wonderfully powerful results. It also indicates that some very long-standing, hard-to-change patterns of behavior from long (maybe lifetimes) ago might be coming up so you can change them.

The over-arching message I get from this equinox is:

There are a ridiculous number of details and old, frustrating unfinished business you may yet have to take care of, but it’s time to ditch the small stuff and get actively involved with the inspiring visionaries who meet you on the path… Go!

Happy balancing acts to you!







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