New Moon in Leo


Happy New Moon in Leo!

What seeds of creative courage are you planting today? What ambitious flames of playful self-promotion are you fanning now?

This brave and bombastic New Moon is in a harmonious trine to productive Saturn in Sagittarius, indicating potential progress on some longer-term aims and “ah-ha”s this month. Give thanks for the big picture visions and understandings that are blooming now.

Simultaneously, however, this Moon is in a frustrating quincunx to the oversensitive planet of victimhood (at least in its more shadowy expressions), Neptune.

There’s a big adventure these two (Saturn and Neptune) are taking us on (~11/15 – 10/16) that’s about facing and exorcising some big nasty demons of dogmatic delusion, systemic corruption, and judgmental, self-limiting, fear-mongering denial and escapism that have been steering too many boats for too long. Much of it is totally out of your hands. Don’t get too involved in the delusional BS that others refuse to face; this process is a long one.

How are religious (and political) tolerance and spiritual participation evolving in your life? What self-limiting delusions/perceived inadequacies are you in the process of releasing?

The Sun and Moon in Leo are asking us to take these intense energies, and to get creative with them. There has never been a more wonderful time to write powerful satire, or to build a new vision of what effective revolution, and a more beautiful human future might look like.

Mars is just entering Sagittarius with this Moon, where it last was this spring (March 5th – May 27th). This is some great fire to boldly explore new frontiers of sharing that you’ve been chickening out about (what was scaring you this spring?) Asserting your opinions, and quantifying and qualifying your assertions can be a lot of “fun” now. Mars and Saturn won’t be conjunct until August 24th, but there’s going to be a lot to get self-righteous and preachy about between now and then. It’s a good moonth to get busy with sharing important, moving messages, but it’s a bad time to think that your way is the only way.

There are a lot of delusions coming to the surface now, inside and out. Decide to dance with them playfully and creatively this month; it’s going to be getting weirder. Cultivate more beautiful magic in your life now, because we’re going to need it.



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