New Moon in Gemini

GemNewMoonNew Moon in Gemini

June 4th, 9:59 pm CDT at 14Gem53

With both luminaries in playful Gemini aligned with that lover of beauty and connection, Venus, you might imagine that the energies of this New Moon should be fun and easy. The seeds that we plant with this Moon can indeed foster lively and pleasant connections, and beautiful clarity in our communications to come, but there’s a little bit of a heavy underbelly to this Moon that’s calling for some attention.

Saturn in Sagittarius is opposite to this New Moon, which means Saturn (our relationship to responsibility and authority (and depression)), is about as close to Earth as it ever gets. Long-term consequences of contracts that didn’t go the way they were supposed to are here to be accounted for. We might encounter some karma around big visions from our past that we didn’t follow through on. Set intentions with this New Moon to release any charge remaining from old unfulfilled agreements, and commit to balancing your interpersonal checkbook where you can. What forever friends haven’t heard from you for too long? What significant “mission statements” have you composed and put on the back burner? Long-term priorities are up for questioning now.

Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) in Taurus is no longer retrograde, but is just now reaching its maximum elongation, changing direction in relation to the Sun. This direction change signals the end (and sometimes the culmination) of the Mercurial lessons we’ve been dancing with during this retrograde cycle (which got started 4/18 at Mercury’s maximum elongation on the other side).

What’s coming up around themes of effective communication? How is your relationship with the details of your bank account and financial contracts changing, and what new understandings of value are you weaving? What are you stressing out about that you don’t need to take so seriously? How do you value your words?

Mercury is also approaching an opposition to Mars Rx in Scorpio (6/9)
Use this New Moon to get prepared for this confrontation which is liable to ruffle some feathers, and to bring to the surface resentments that we’ve hidden away. The theme of choosing forgiveness seems to be an important one with this Moon. Your anger can be an important ally, but as long as it’s tied up in blame (of self or others), it’s your enemy. Integrity regarding interpersonal boundaries and unspoken expectations are good things to talk about.

The Mutable Grand Cross involving Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune is being set off by this New Moon, and an itchy desire for some sort of drastic change might be coming up. Our long-term priorities are being called into question, and this Moon might just help some individuals to shift their goals considerably (but don’t decide to do that all in one fell swoop!) The Mutable signs are gifted with the capacity to “go with the flow,” but when we have an OD of them like we do now, there is a strong potential for confusion and distraction (especially regarding the big picture goodies).

Some New Moon Wish List Suggestions
Channels of communication are being sparked in inconsistent (potentially very interesting) ways right now. Sudden “aha!” moments are likely, so invite more of them (and keep a pen with you, because they probably won’t stick around for long). Welcome new experiences of integrity in your everyday communications. Decide to put down your phone for a bit, and to honor the pertinent messages the gods are sharing all around you. If you’re dealing with a long-term case of writer’s block, this is an optimal time to decide to get over it. Give thanks for all the distractions in your life, and choose to prioritize activities that aren’t.

Happy plantings,


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