New Moon in Taurus Blessings

Hi Astro Fans,

How are you enjoying these delicious earthly energies today?

It’s the first astoundingly beautiful and perfect early summer day here in Minneapolis. I put on shorts for the first time this year, and am finally emerging from winter’s chrysalis. Idealistic visions of the human family awakening together to the profound blessing of mortal embodiment are dancing in my heart.


Our New Moon is happening (happened, I guess) in Taurus, and it’s sparking off harmonies of awe-inspiring beauty and grace. Simple pleasures are not simple today; they can awaken us to the truth that Divinity is here, alive and well.

This New Moon’s harmony comes from a gorgeous Grand Trine in the Earth signs with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This Grand Trine is inviting an infusion of practical visionary inspiration (Jupiter in Virgo) for the challenging long-term task of revolutionizing our definitions of and relationships to power and control within and without (Pluto in Capricorn).

How is your “true calling” calling you now?

Mercury and Mars are both retrograde, and unfinished projects and unfulfilled ambitions from long ago are likely to come to the table to talk (although it might not be with words- we’re a little short on the mental air element at the moment). Friends and lovers from times gone by should be stopping by now to show you new understandings of some treasures you’ve got hidden away inside of you.

These retrogrades can give us chances to remember lifetimes-old wisdom in visceral ways. We’re standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, and we’re part of what comes after us. These retrogrades can also help us to check ourselves, and to get back into integrity (Mars’s gold) in places where we’ve been sloppy, and forgotten the lessons of what really matters.

This New Moon offers an important opportunity to choose to “put your money where your mouth is,” literally and figuratively. How are your daily practices reflecting your values? What do you value about yourself? About other humans in your life?

Plant some good wishes about coming fully into the beauty of the Earth realm this Moonth, and invite ecstatic gratitude to the ceremony. Honor the heck out of this strange beautiful adventure of mortal embodiment. Feel the unity of Nature in your bones.


Saleem Adam Wolter


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