Happy (Slightly Belated) Full Moon in Leo

Hello Astro Fans,

Wow! It’s been a little while. I see that the last time I sent out an official post was in May of 2015. A lot has changed since then… I’ll tell you a bit of the story at the bottom.

But first, let’s talk about this beautiful full Moon in Leo!


Full Moons are wonderful times to celebrate, share with others, and to release limitations that are no longer serving. What a lovely coincidence that this Leo Full Moon (the Party Moon) falls on a swingin’ Saturday night… what inhibitions are you letting go of?…

This Full Moon is bestowing blessings that can help us to release fear around sharing our original, creative Truth(s), and to embrace experiences of healthful power-sharing on our paths (some restrictions may apply – more below).

Leo is the Sun’s home, and it’s a sign that loves to shine (we all have Leo in us, and it’s a great time to cultivate those energies). This Moon’s light can ignite our hearts and help us to experience more of our unconditional worthiness. Similarly, this Full Moon can help us to see and value others’ gifts that we might not have noticed before.

There’s a special formation that some might overlook in this chart, but I’m finding it very significant and positively delightful. Venus and Neptune are making a “Golden Yod” (Golden Ratio finger of God) with the Moon at the tip. The Sun-Moon axis is right at the midpoint of a weak quintile between Venus and Neptune, and the Moon is biquintile to each of them.

This formation is about creativity and sensitivity. These three planets are the most sensitive and feminine of the bunch, and new degrees of intuitive, felt-sense awareness are liable to crop up tonight.

Venus and Neptune both carve almost perfect circles with their orbits, and are two octaves of the same energy (IMHO). This full Moon is inviting their harmonies to the fore. Both planets bring up themes around beauty, pleasure, music, and harmony, but one is personal (Venus), and one is transcendental (Neptune). This full Moon is liable to generate some surprising harmonies and peaceful resolutions where conflict has arisen. What are you noticing in the “inner peace and harmony” department (that might have nothing to do with external circumstances)?

I mentioned earlier how this is a good time to let go of some inhibitions around expressing ourselves and getting out on the dance floor, so to speak. It also may be a good time for some to let go of addictive behaviors, or maybe just to finally face the music and see that there’s a real problem (Venus and Neptune are usually part of the journey of over-sensitivity that can lead to drug and alcohol problems).

Another prominent (possibly much louder for some) energy of this chart is a bit of a sticky one:

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, conjunct with Pluto, and square to Uranus

Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn is asking us to revise our understandings of real world power, and to review abuses we’ve inflicted and sustained. This conjunction with Pluto is calling many of us to task with facing fears around claiming personal responsibility, and showing us ways that we’ve give our power away (and/or take it away from others). Some deep shadows of the patriarchal system of power-over are coming to light.


Who do you see misusing power in your world? Where have you misused power in the past? Where has someone held power over you in ways you didn’t understand at the time?

(Ho’oponopono has been proving very helpful on some of these stories from my path)


So… there are a couple notes from this full Moon that are standing out for me… let me know what’s coming up for you.

Hope your night is/was beautiful.

Cheers, Saleem



What I’ve been up to for a while:

In April of 2014, I started a 2-year program of study to become a “Certified Leader” in the Dances of Universal Peace. I’ll be finishing up the course this April, but I’m already frequently leading and assisting other leaders with dance events.

I took initiation in the Sufi Ruhaniat International with my mentor, Zahir Roman Orest in December of 2014. He gave me the name Saleem (from Salaam – Divine Peace), and it’s become my primary title.

I’ve been spending a lot less time reading and writing about astrology, and a lot more time singing when I’m not doing readings. The Sufi who founded the Dances of Universal Peace (originally just called “Sufi Dancing” by the originator) was also an amateur astrologer, and instructed his students in astrological embodiment practices to cultivate the gifts he saw in their charts.

I’ve been trying to get back on the ball with astrological writing (and figuring out how to use Mailchimp, and making videos…) for a while, but have been feeling very self-conscious and scaredy-cattish about it. I think this extended chapter of procrastination is just finishing up, and I hope to regularly be sharing astrological goodies with you again.

Feel free to send me any words of encouragement you’d like to share (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink)

Thanks for reading about me!




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