Happy New Moon in Taurus


Happy New Moon in Taurus
May 17th 11:13pm CDT

Plant those seeds of self-worth and grounded, embodied beauty-making now. This New Moon precedes the Moon’s and the Sun’s oppositions with Saturn in Sag: a face-off with questions of higher purpose.

Are you on the path of your soul’s truth? Are you honoring this one holy life of yours with gratitude? Are you stopping and smelling those flowers?

To quote the “Bible”:
“Simple presence is the food that energizes all life”
(from an Aramaic re-translation of Jesus’s words by Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz from John: “I am the bread of life”)

Mercury is standing still in Gemini with this New Moon, preparing for three weeks of retrograde motion. You’re going to be bumping into some creatures from times gone by. How would you like to connect with them this time around?

Golden opportunities to revise your approaches to communications and (higher) knowledge will be cropping up in this window. As Mercury is square to Neptune in Pisces, some non-rational approaches are called for.

Infuse this beautiful doorway with the magic of simple presence. Decide now to let go of your need to “know the truth,” and understand that the (incomprehensible) Mystery is always speaking in new tongues to those who have ears to hear.

Happy New Moonings!



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