Pisces Solar Eclipse

PisceclipseNew Moon (Eclipse!) in Pisces
March 20th, 4:36 a.m. CDT

Can you feel the crazies yet? Here we go into another eclipse season, whee! This eclipse happens to be in the very last degree of our zodiac; a magical spot where we can send out a call for deep revelations and intuitive guidance, but also choose to release a whole lot of old psychic and emotional baggage that’s no longer serving.

New Moons are new beginnings, and this one occurs just 13 hours before another beginning, when the Sun enters Aries, making it doubly significant. This eclipse at the tail end of mystically transcendent Pisces provides a wonderful window to get our egos out of the way and to receive some love and direction from above.

Before we ring the bell of our astrological new year, let’s take some time to consciously bid adieu to whatever old limiting programs we’re ready to be done with. They say old habits die hard, but this eclipse is a potent time to commit to tackling them, and wiping some old cellular memory banks clean. Take some time on Friday (before the Equinox at 5:46 p.m.) to review some of your big picture stories, and to focus on some big picture forgiveness and release. (Plant those new seeds after the Equinox maybe…)

The intentions of this eclipse are going to be unfolding over the course of the next six months, and the messages I keep getting from it are around facing the shadows of materialism in our personal experiences: addiction, denial, isolation, emotional violence…; and also about experiencing new degrees of illumination in the One Heart. What are you doing on planet earth with this magical gift of life?

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

More (slightly less hippied out) messages soon,





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