Full Moon in Leo


Full Moon in Leo
February 3rd, 5:09pm CST

The axis of this blessed Full Moon lines right up with Jupiter, and also the gate of “True” Imbolc (when the Sun is at 15Aqu00 – exact at 9:59pm CST).

Imbolc (now roughly Groundhog day) is the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox (in the northern hemisphere). This is a magical window when the veil gets a bit thinner, and helpfully trans-rational perspectives become more available. Mercury is still retrograde in hyper-rational Aquarius, making this doorway an especially important time to ask the Universe some good questions, and to receive some clear guidance from within.

The Moon in confident Leo is conjunct with Jupiter, planet of expansive, bombastic optimism. In its higher expressions, the energy of the Sun’s sign (Leo) is the light of a beneficent ruler; leading with confidence born of a pure heart, and unafraid to express the truth that shines there. We each honor the Sun and Leo in our charts when we conjure a calm confidence, and let our truths shine without reservation. What character are you playing on planet Earth? How are you daring to walk with self-assurance in your original performance piece?

The shadow of Leo (and the Sun) is pride and narcissism. The cult of individualism, Hollywood values, and toxic nihilism are eating the soul of America. You don’t have to look far to see the dark shadows of individuality run amok in our modern conundrum.

This Full Moon asks us to give thanks for the bright side of Leo’s self-promoting, performance-oriented mojo in our lives, and also offers us a wonderful opportunity to exorcise some of the toxic pride that’s invaded the modern psyche.

The holistic wounding/healing teacher Chiron is in Pisces, and shadow-facing Pluto is in Capricorn, together forming a Yod with the Moon. This formation doubly emphasizes the aforementioned sentiment about facing and releasing self-important/self-denying programs of toxic pride that keep us from connecting with and contributing to the communities we’re a part of.

Mercury’s retrograde adventure in Aquarius (a prominent influence Jan 14th – Feb 24th) is helping us to reconnect old circuits we’ve forgotten. Watch old friends come out of the woodwork to remind you that you’re a part of a much larger family, and supported in more ways than you’d ever believe.

Give thanks for your successes with this Full Moon, and celebrate with extravagance and creative bombast, but also remember that the human family doesn’t need more successful entrepreneurs and overconfident celebrities, it needs more humanity, and more family (and maybe some new definitions of success…)

Resplendent, illuminating blessings of love, harmony, and beauty to you on this magic Moon,




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