New Moon in Aquarius


New Moon in Aquarius
Jan. 20th, 7:13 am CST


This New Moon is occurring at the deep-digging midpoint of Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury (1 day from turning retrograde) in Aquarius:

Pluto is the king of the underworld, and his trip through Capricorn (2008-2024) is transforming the power structures of our worlds inside and out, and exposing the shadows of the “powers that be.” Curious Mercury is just getting started on another of his retrograde adventures into the underworld, and this time it’s in the future-oriented, humanitarian sign of Aquarius. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be gifted with opportunities to dig into deeper understandings of (and/or get frustrated by) all things Aquarian, and to learn more about the parts of our natal charts that get activated by Mercury’s three passes of this turf (~1 – 17 Aquarius).

With this New Moon (and the ~30 hours following it), plant some wishes for more extended family magic to come to light in your life this month. Send some love to Mercury as he heads into the underworld, and ask him to bring back messages of guidance about the networks of connection that will help you to build new understandings of effective participation and effectiveness in your life.

The internet (and astrology!) are ruled by Aquarius, so this upcoming Mercury retrograde period is going to give us some chances to rewire our approaches to social networks, recreate websites that are ready for updates, and refine our approaches to astrological wisdom.

Mercury is also conjunct with Venus in Aquarius, and opposite to Jupiter (a singleton!) in Leo:

Jupiter, a planet that helps us to broaden our perspectives and find higher meaning in the stories of our world, is all alone in the creative, outgoing sign of Leo. Venus, the planet of harmony and beauty, is just finishing an extended conjunction with Mercury. Aquarius is an air sign, and planets here are often colored by hues of emotional detachment. The involvement of Jupiter (higher meaning) and Venus (social connection and aesthetic beauty) drop the hint that this particular Aquarian season might just spawn some beautiful creations and connections that update our understandings of the social contract.

Saturn is in Sagittarius, sextile to the New Moon:

No-nonsense Saturn has been in in the murky, transformational waters of Scorpio since October 5th, 2012, and this is the first New Moon since he entered the more outgoing and expansive turf of Sagittarius. (Most of) the next three years will be calling on all of us to take more responsibility for how we use our own belief systems, and also to grow some new understandings of the ways that institutions of collective thought run the show.

A farcical face-off between the established powers of Western rational reductionism (aka scientific fundamentalism) and right-winged religious ridiculousness might be getting even louder pretty soon, and what we choose to do with our own concepts of “faith” and “higher education” is going to be getting more important. It’s easy to disengage from debates that are obviously full of holes on each bigoted side, but how are we each going to stand up for the stuff that really matters? (And also, how are we going to diagnose and cure our own dogmatic blind spots?)


On this future-oriented New Moon, take some time to infuse your upcoming path with wonder and appreciation. Re-member the connections from this life and others that got you this far, and reach out to the friends and family who are with you now. Rational defensiveness and cutting criticism are all around us in this age of reason, but the power of compassionate connection is ripe on the vine for those who are ready to pick it.




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