Full Moon in Cancer



Full Moon in Cancer

Jan. 4th, 2015  10:53pm CST


The Moon is in her happy home sign for this gala occasion, but what is highlighted by this event might not feel like too much of a party. Powerful forces of change are growing louder, and this Full Moon is shining light on some old deep dams that are ready to break.


The Moon in Cancer is opposite to Pluto (and the Sun) in Capricorn, and square to Uranus in Aries (and the Nodes of the Moon)

The “Cardinal Square” (Uranus square to Pluto in two Cardinal signs) has been in full effect for a few years now (7 exact hits, 2012-2015, but really got started in 2010, and will be strong through 2016). This pivotal celestial event is catalyzing many unexpected changes in the external structures of power in our world, and facilitating consciousness breakthroughs inside and out for many.

As the Full Moon activates this unpredictable, intense force of transformation and innovation, things might feel a little bit out of control.

This energy is like an earthquake, and some outmoded consciousness structures and behavior patterns might be in the process of crashing down now. With Pluto lined right up with the Sun and Moon, we’re likely to notice the darkest and most unsavory angles of whatever we look at, so please be gentle with yourself.

What long-standing habits of yours are ineffective? What beliefs about yourself or the world around you are keeping you from shining more of your original truth with those around you? Full Moons are wonderful times to give thanks for all we’ve learned, and to release all we’re ready to let go of.


Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Aquarius (and Quintile to Uranus)

The two planets of communication and connection have entered the intellectually-stimulating sign of Aquarius. Creative, original insights are in abundant supply with this Moon. Have you noticed how amazing and wonderful the worldwide web is lately? Incredible feats of human creativity, beauty, hilarity, and innovation are all over that thing. The worldwide web is ruled by Uranus and Aquarius, and Mercury (the intellectual) and Venus (the socialite) are excited to make all kinds of wonderful connections there now.

What does this new revolution of interconnected creative consciousness (illustrated by the worldwide web) mean in your life? What groups are you growing with? What wisdom are you gleaning from your membership in this human family?

With this Moon honor the magic of human intelligence, and send a wave of appreciation to all those souls who are growing wonderful gifts in the gardens of their minds.



With this Full Moon in the emotional waters of Cancer, reflect on the nurturing guidance that comes from within. It’s a very intellectually-oriented atmosphere now, but rational cleverness alone isn’t going to help us ride these powerful waves of change successfully. Connect with your deep family on the inside, and invite some transrational knowings of the deeper roots we all share. Honor your feelings on this Moon, and generate a wave of thankfulness for this weird weird world that we’re dancing on together.

Happy Moonings,

Adam Wolter






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