Solstice/New Moon in Capricorn

CapMoonHappy Solstice/New Moon in Capricorn
December 21st 5:04pm/7:36pm CST

What seeds do you choose to plant on this darkest night of the year? What significant baby steps might you initiate during this magical window? (which lasts a wonderful ~24 hours following the New Moon this time (IMHO))

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are all in earthy Capricorn for this big event (following the New Moon anyway…)
The focus is on long-term growth, big goals, and “real world” achievements. With Pluto in the works, you might want to examine your changing definitions of “real world” value and power, and discuss your goals accordingly. What practically-oriented action steps are at the top of your list? What meaningful difference, might you make with your works in this brief lifetime?

No-nonsense Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is in the last degree of deep-digging Scorpio, and long-standing feelings of stuckness and emotional impudence are liable to come knocking on the door as you ready your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe the Ghost of Christmas Past has a scene or two that can help you see what deep, ineffective patterns are ready to change in your life. Maybe you’re already very clear about what old stanky stories you’re ready to let go of. Maybe you’re already working on dismantling outmoded systems of power in our world with your conscious actions… it’s time for more of that.

Venus in Capricorn is conjunct with Pluto and square to Uranus

Venus is the goddess of diplomacy, and now that she’s become our healing evening star for the next eight months (although I haven’t caught a glimpse of her yet- it’s been nothing but cloudy for too long here!..) new visions of power-sharing are coming to the table. Sexual inequality is going to be a huge issue this year. The shadows of sexism run deep, but breakthroughs regarding our next wave of feminism are already cooking.

There is a rise of feminine power that this chart has been describing to me, for women and for men alike. New experiences of soul presence in the body, infusions of empathic connection with the human family, and communion with the deep wisdom of nature. It’s becoming harder to hide from the reality that climate change, overpopulation, and ineffective resource use have put us on a collision course with increasingly catastrophic circumstances. The challenging truths of these revelations are going to be getting much clearer this year.

Connect with your feminine wisdom to find out how you can build more healing human bridges in our world. Organizing for real change happens one connection at a time, and it’s the way to make the journey a rewarding one.

Uranus (the rebel) in Aries is standing still, and is in mutual reception with Mars in Aquarius

The revolution grows… Uranus is the planet of freedom, and when it stands still, the volume goes up on its unpredictable, explosive demands for change. We’re going to see some amazing breakthroughs in effective protest this year (see: “the revolution will not be televised”… but it will be facilitated with the help of mobile devices and hackers).

Set some good intentions about the changes you’d like to see in our world this year, and the rebellious revelations you’d like to unveil.

Jupiter is a singleton in Leo

Jupiter is all alone in his half of the zodiac, playing the part of the handle in a bucket chart. When a planet is cruising in this position, it acts like a fulcrum, and its influence suffuses the whole chart. Jupiter is kind of like a second Sun. The Sun is the heart of the individual (and Leo), and Jupiter is the heart of community.

Grandiose creative visions are important fuel for the heart of the human family. We live in a world where cool, rational detachment is often valued as a mature and intelligent approach to life. What if passionate playfulness and creative acts of love in action were valued by more mature adults? What if you dared to engage in more acts of creative self-expression, and were applauded for them like never before? Plant some daring wishes about how you’d like to be a performance piece in your life. Imagine your creativity touching all hearts.

Happy Plantings!

Cheers, Adam Wolter


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