Full Moon in Gemini


Full Moon in Gemini
December 6th, 6:27am CST


It’s an antsy one! The Uranus-Pluto square is approaching its 6th exact hit (on 12/14), and this Full Moon is shining some light on all the revolutionary restlessness that it’s bringing.

The Eric Garner decision has sparked a wave of protests that are immediately echoing around the world. The shadow of systemic racism is looming large in the room, and the rage that’s been conjured isn’t going away any time soon. What are we going to do with this energy? What does an effective response look like in your life?

We’ve been stewing in the revolutionary vibrations of the Uranus-Pluto square for a few years now, but organized demands for “power to the people” haven’t been so effective in many cases. It’s refreshing to see groups succeed in peacefully shutting down highways and byways in major cities. I wonder what else we might accomplish together with direct non-violent action?…

The volume is cranked up on the Mutable Mode, with the Sun conjunct mental Mercury in (potentially) preachy Sagittarius, the Moon in chatty Gemini, and Chiron in (over)sensitive Pisces. This Mutable T-Square is catalyzing changes of perspective, and insights on institutionalized dogma that need to go. What wisdom/wounding from your early childhood/roots has contributed to the quests you’re on today, and what formerly unrecognized psychic wounds are calling for your attention?

Words are powerful tools, and good ideas for the greater good infused with passion (with effective sales pitches) are in order. I’m reminded of a great one-liner from Occupy Wall Street: “You can’t evict an idea whose time has come”. What good, rebellious ideas are you having trouble evicting from your consciousness? Get to cooking with that stuff!

It’s a wonderful time to connect the dots from disparate sources; preposterous synchronicities abound. Follow the guidance that’s coming from the strange signs and symbols on your path now. Invite more kisses from that sacred mystery that you’ll never comprehend with that head of yours.

Change is the only constant, and this Full Moon is a wonderful time to honor this truth. Put that pen to paper, ignite your network of connections, and dare to invite creative visions of a more just and equitable future for all.


Adam Wolter




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