Full Moon in Taurus


Full Moon in Taurus
November 6th, 2014 4:23pm CST
This Full Moon in Taurus is illuminating issues of self-worth and power-sharing, and can help us to clarify our deeper values and how they can find truer expression in our lives. This event is occurring right on the cross-quarter axis of Beltane (15Taurus) and Samhain (15Scorpio), offering a powerful opportunity to let go of the (really really old) shtuff that’s been oozing to the surface recently.

We’re on the other side of a loaded little Mercury retrograde adventure and the pair of eclipses that went along it. Some old ghosts of unfinished emotional bookkeeping have probably been clarified. Now it’s time to follow through on the cleanup projects that have been assigned, and to bid adieu to old attachments that are no longer serving. The next two weeks are probably going to (still) have some pretty sticky parts, as the elements that don’t want to let go of old material express resistance. (Note: the new Republican majority in the Senate is one expression of this resistance from some of the good ol’ boys in the psyche of our collective)

Questions of power and control are primary at this time. Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio) is out-of-bounds in Capricorn, conjunct with Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio), and changing definitions of power in our paradigm-shifting time are up for grabs. Pluto’s journey through Capricorn (’08-’24) is transforming outmoded definitions of power and wealth in our world, and Mars’s visit (exact 11/10) is giving us an opportunity to affect wider change with our conscious actions during this volatile window. Watch for symptoms of anger, controlling tendencies, and pathological attachments to outcome. How can respect and humility go hand-in-hand with direct, goal-oriented action in your life?

Examinations of self-worth/other-worth are good to engage at this Moon (and also on Friday, “true” Samhain). Do you respect the humans around you? Do you respect yourself? Are you working with others in a consciousness model of shared responsibility for our future? What are some healthier versions of respect and effective power-sharing that you’ve witnessed?

Our Sun is in Scorpio in a wide, separating conjunction with Venus. The goddess of harmony and beauty is slowly making her way to becoming our evening star again (she’ll be visible in the west after sunset starting in December and continuing through July). This ~7-month chapter of the ~19-month Sun-Venus cycle is the most peaceful, relationship-centered part of the journey, and our current Full Moon can help us to clear the decks for this upcoming season of amicable connection (Yay!)

To work with the magic of this Moon, and to receive deeper understandings of the deep, tumultuous transformations that are moving our world, honor your five senses (Taurus!). Where is the rich beauty of this sacred world kissing you? Play your music, dance your prayers, and let the heavens kiss you through your taste buds (I just celebrated with a stellar donut). Take a bath, take out the garbage, and honor the strange adventures of this world with your magical mortal body’s delights.

Adam Wolter



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