Solar Eclipse in Scorpio!


New Moon (Eclipse!) in Scorpio
Oct. 23rd, 4:56pm CDT

(Wow! This energy is really building. We’ve got clear skies in the Twin Cities, and I’ve got my eclipse-watching glasses ready! Here we go…)

This will be the last eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis for the next seven years
(the first one in this cycle was on November 13th, 2012- recall what big shtuff was getting rolling around then)

New Moons are times to plant new seeds, but this time, the seeds we have to plant seem to be tied up with some ancient stories. Spiritual quests that were put on the back burner in this lifetime or in others are ripe for recall. Eclipses are magical doorways, where evolutionary fuel for powerful work comes into our lives, but they’re also times when sticky, lifetimes-old gunk that’s still stuck in our souls comes bubbling to the surface to be faced.

This eclipse occurs right in the powerful first degree of Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the most challenging signs of the zodiac. The mysteries of death, shadow-facing, and income taxes reside here. What stories of “shared value and responsibility” have you been dealing with over the past couple of years? (Child support and child care, inheritance dramas, business partnerships, big tough breakups…)

The past two years have been asking us all to step out of our comfort zones, and to face some fears that have been around for a long time (the punchlines of these lessons are scheduled to come front and center for resolution this month). Choose deep honesty with this New Moon. Emotional contracts can stick around for lifetimes, and whatever bridges we think we’ve burned are often still burning us on some level. Choose to forgive the unforgivables from your personal history: those deep scars you’ve received,  and also the ones you’ve delivered (to self or other).

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and he’s “out of bounds” in Sagittarius

When a planet is “out of bounds” (higher or lower than the Sun ever gets in our sky) it can be a bit of a renegade, for better or worse. Mars is the planet of our desire nature, the fuel that can help us to achieve our personal goals, or to turn us into judgmental assholes toward those who stand in our way.

Choose with this New Moon to invite new understandings of Mars, the planet of the warrior. One of the shadows of Mars (and Scorpio) is attachment to outcome in shared (and/or competitive) endeavors. The wisdom of Mars blossoms when we honor our own desire nature and understand that achieving our goals has nothing to do (in the long run) with crushing any external competition.

Face your fears about new frontiers: what does the spiritual warrior look like in your life? What quests of self-transformation (and thus world-transformation) are you dedicating your strength to?

This Eclipse is conjunct with Venus (the ruler of Libra, where the North Node is now)

Venus is in her detriment in Scorpio, but wherever she goes, she always brings peace-making potentials.

Again, the theme of “shared values and responsibilities”  is prime, but the message from Venus is more along the lines of: “Get your fears out of the way. Reach out to others who you don’t yet understand, and learn how to connect more deeply. Meaningful connections are always complicated, take them deeper.”
May magical messages and epic soul connections meet you on the path during this pivotal window of mysterious rebirth

Adam Wolter (612)237-6690



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