Fall Equinox


The Sun enters Libra
September 22nd 9:39pm CDT

Fall is here in full swing, and wow does this Equinox ever have an autumnal feel to it.

The Moon is in her Balsamic Phase in a balsamic conjunction with Venus in Virgo, Venus is in balsamic conjunction with the Sun, Mercury is at his maximum elongation (in his zone of upcoming retrograde activity), and Pluto is Stationary. What all this translates to is a simple message:

Karma is hilarious and beautiful. Some bridges you thought you’d burned are probably still burning you. What still needs to be released? Remember the great loves you’ve known. Remember the amazing friends you’ve forgotten. Digest the lessons of your significant connections. Conjure up some magical remembrances, and some heaping helpings of (unconditional) appreciation and forgiveness. Some paths are designed to cross on a number of occasions, and some of those reunions will blow your mind with their healing hilarity. Invite your forever family home. (And notice the progress of stories that got started around 2000)


The Moon is in her Balsamic Phase (the last ~4 days of each Moonth)

This is a time of retreat and release, when we can catch some clairvoyant hints about the new chapter that will soon be starting. The New Moon in Libra late tomorrow night will invite new relationships, and give strength to those committed partnerships (especially romantic and business) that are growing.

Tonight (and tomorrow) provide a “wonderful” window to reflect on the relationships that have changed you, call to the surface any unresolved issues, and to release whatever you’re still hanging onto that isn’t really yours. Appreciating the story someone told in your life is a gift. Regretting the first moment you saw their face is black magic (that only hurts you). Who do you still need to release, and who do you want to remember? This next month will give you some opportunities to release and/or reconnect. Now is the time to summon up any old ghosts that are still stopping up your connection circuitry.


The Moon is in a balsamic conjunction with Venus, who is also in a balsamic conjunction with the Sun

The ruler of Libra (Venus) is in her fall in Virgo, but she can do some good cleanup while there. Venus likes music and beauty and good food and connecting, but when she’s in Virgo, her attention often turns instead to whatever’s “not quite right” in these departments of experience. Attention can accidentally turn to washing the windows for a second time instead of drinking in a sunset together.

Are your priorities straight? How are you making space for beauty in your daily agenda? Release any old blocks you might find around “getting it right.” Make peace with the medium of time, and learn how to paint more beautifully with it.


Mercury is at its maximum elongation (gearing up for a retrograde dance)

I’m not entirely sure why the message-scrambling energy of this one is hitting so hard already (maybe it’s the Mars-Neptune square that I’m not going to mention anywhere else in this piece), but the symptoms already seem to be online. I’ve heard of two grievous smartphone casualties already, and bumped into some “hilarious” gags from the universe around timing and ridiculously botched placeme (the bubble-blowing solution that killed my phone, for instance).

Mercury’s back-and-forth dance will be occurring from 16Lib45 to 2Sco18 (he’s in the zone 9/14 – 11/10), a territory that’s all about partnership (as well as the complicated consummations thereof). We’re going to be given lots of chances to reflect on boundaries, who we’re projecting our stuff onto, and what needs to change regarding our expectations. Respect is a delicious commodity that can be invested in, that promises handsome dividends in the form of receiving the praise you deserve.


Pluto is stationary in Capricorn at 10Cap59

Everybody pays attention when Mercury goes retrograde, but not many notice the significant shtuff that gets stirred up when Pluto changes direction.

His stationary condition at the time of this Equinox drops a hint that his deep power will be coming to the fore during this next quarter of the year. “So, the volume’s cranked up on Pluto, what’s that about?” I read a lengthy article from the New York Times today that hit some nails on the head:

The Death of Adulthood in American Culture

The shadows of patriarchal power are coming to the surface. What will “right authority” look like in the future of the human endeavor? What does “right responsibility” look like in your life, and how can you show up to embrace it more honestly? We are in a tumultuous time of change whose outcome has the potential to be very progressive and beautiful. Decide to make a difference with your life.


Jupiter in Leo is trine to Uranus in Aries

That aforementioned progressive flavor is glowing and growing now. The natives are restless, and doing wonderfully creative things together. A new world is possible (each day!) and it’s time to see some new stars rise. Leo is the sign of performance, and Aries is the sign of headfirst action. Put that brush to canvas, make it to that ecstatic dance event, just get the heck up on stage already.

You are a performance piece. Honor the performance pieces (others) you get to dance with each day. The world is a stage, and we are players on it (no “but”s about it). Invite that stage to get a little more dramatic in surprisingly beautiful (and bigger) ways.


Enjoy the dance,







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