Full Moon in Pisces


Full Moon in Pisces

September 8th, 8:38pm CDT


This Full Moon in Pisces is lined right up with Chiron, illuminating gifts from the wounds of our life journeys, and reminding us that compassion is a wonderful healer.

Things can feel a bit helter skelter as the Moon (ruler of the night) opens all her petals in Pisces (the home of the collective unconscious). The direction of time becomes a bit elusive, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by many thoughts and feelings that aren’t necessarily congruent with the present moment’s stories.

Full Moons provide us with wonderful opportunities to let go of shtuff that’s holding us back. This Full Moon in Pisces conjunct with Chiron is illuminating unconscious blocks and beliefs (Pisces) that might be impeding our healing (Chiron), and keeping us from sharing our gifts.

Saturn in Scorpio forms a supportive trine to this Moon-Chiron conjunction: What emotional debts are holding you back? What do you need to forgive yourself (or another) for? If you’re tired and overwhelmed, what’s keeping you from recharging and feeling empowered each day?

Choose now to release those perceived blockages that are keeping you from facing your wounds honestly, and keeping you from healing yourself.

Venus in Virgo is opposite to Neptune in Pisces

Venus, the dancing goddess of song and beauty is in her fall in Virgo (land of scrutiny and correction), but as she aligns with Neptune, she sends out a call for us to listen to the bizarre synchronicities that might come through our radios. What songs are playing on your radio now? How bout in your head? What worlds are you visiting when you practice your music? This opposition provides an opportunity to dance (Venus) a bit more mystically (Neptune) with this strange and beautiful life adventure. Put that pen to paper, and let some poetry flow right through you.

Note: This opposition (exact 9/10, 5:50am) can also cast a bit of a love spell that might not be coming from where you think it is (careful with that magic!)

Mercury in Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn and opposite to Uranus in Aries

This T-Square is getting a bunch of wonderful questions moving. The Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square is the mover and shaker of this decade, a spark that is rattling the foundations of established power structures in our world. Quick-witted Mercury’s visit to Libra offers us chances to have some very productive conversations about loaded subjects. How are we going to kill the beast of modern consumer culture (and maybe your conservative uncle would like to hear about it)? Who is out there challenging the status quo with good ideas (spread that stuff around!)?

On a smaller scale: what partnerships (romantic, business, family…) are asking you to make some uncomfortable changes to the way you’ve always done things in the past? Keep your ears open for unexpected insights in all of your significant one-on-ones now.

One dorky poetic message that this Moon whispered to me as I was pondering this piece of writing:

What are you hiding away
That’s more than ready to see the day?

The shadow of Pisces is victimhood, and the four oppositions in this chart indicate confrontations with our stories of victimhood. Honor those stories that keep your light hidden away, and decide to release them with the help of Unconditional Gratitude (one of Pisces’s wonderful super powers) on this healing Moon.




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