Virgo New Moon


New Moon in Virgo

Aug. 25th, 9:13am CDT


This New Moon is the kick-off of a (potentially) very industrious and productive month as the Sun journeys through Virgo. Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign of our zodiac, a territory that’s about making adjustments and changes of perspective (Mutable) in relation to work, money, physical health, and the material realm in general (Earth).

Virgo’s energy is about “getting it right,” and a golden work ethic is the claim to fame for creatures with this sign in emphasis.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, and he’s currently there, so it’s a ripe time to plant seeds of change regarding his gifts. New decisions (Mercury) about your daily rhythms, how you keep track of your “to-do” lists, and how you prioritize health in your routines (sleep, diet, exercise, meditation…) are great territories to explore and revision now.

Mercury is exactly sextile to an exact (very sticky) conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. This conjunction has been bringing some feelings of dramatic intensity to a lot of plates over the course of the last two weeks, and the next two weeks are likely to bring all that shit out on the table: What power and/or money-sharing struggles need to be resolved? It’s a great month to get your books straightened out. What emotional “debts” are gnawing away at you? Who are you blaming for shit that you don’t want to own? (And vice versa?)

This New Moon provides a “lovely” window to plant seeds of forgiveness and understanding in any places where unconscious entanglement is a part of the flow. Other people (however much you love them) are not always going to do things the way you want them to. The profit motive is primary in many lives, and the “free” market is running the show. How might you make a little more peace with that uncomfortable reality? How might you generate a little more acceptance (the only place anything can begin to change) for the shadowy shit that you see people cooking with?

On the other side of the token, what does true success look like in your life? What deserves a little more attention? Who do you see out there doing work that’s really making a difference? Decide to do more to spread the good word.

Venus in Leo is also closely square to this conjunction of Mars and Saturn, catalyzing opportunities for more social (and romantic) connections with creative creatures who are painting this world with new definitions of “value.” Decide to find more creativity (Leo) and beauty (Venus) in your adventures with shadow-facing (Mars and Saturn in Scorp) this month.

This New Moon in Virgo is opposite to the lord of mystical transcendance/addictive victimhood, Neptune in Pisces. It’s a golden opportunity to shine some light on any territory where you’re (still) playing the victim. Yes, many many things are totally out of your hands, but many many aren’t. How might you attune your daily routine (Virgo) to a more mystical experience of “going with the flow” (Neptune in Pisces). Do you schedule prayer into your day? Where might you invite a little bit more “letting go and letting God” every day?

Decide with this New Moon to prioritize the daily activities that are going to make you (and maybe all of humanity) more healthy, wealthy, hilarious, and wise.


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