Full Moon in Capricorn


Full Moon in Capricorn
July 12th, 2014 6:25am CDT

Wow! Another Cardinal Grand Cross! Well… kind of…

This Full Moon happens to be right about at the midpoint between aggressive Mars and rebellious Uranus, who are now 7 degrees past their dramatic (and lengthy) opposition that has sparked so many angry confrontations and self-righteous cries for freedom in so many relationships, business contracts, and political and military upheavals over the past 7 months (strongest in April). This energy has fostered many challenging breakthroughs and breakups, but now its drama has moved to the back burner.

Cardinal Grand Crosses are all about drive, action, and change, but this one has got a little less oomph. The Full Moon provides us with an opportunity to reflect on all of the crazy changes that we’ve witnessed inside and out since last December. What’s changing in your relationship patterns (romance, business, close friends…)? What tough changes are you still processing?

Grand Trine in Water

The Sun in Cancer is trine to Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Grand Trines bring deep wisdom to what they touch. This one is about deep emotional healing through finding acceptance of old limitations and fears that are still running. This Full Moon is in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign. Full Moons are great times to decide what we’d like to release. Think about Saturn’s adventure through Scorpio (since Oct 5th, 2012): Taking responsibility for shadow-facing… What shadows do you still have around power and control? Where don’t you trust yourself? Where are jealousy and possessiveness still running the show? These are just a few angles to explore…

Grand Trines can bring deep healing, but they can also lead to laziness. Decide with this Full Moon to dig up and release any semi-conscious fears that are keeping you from feeling safe (Cancer) and showing up for your life in the “real” world (Capricorn). What fears are you ready to bid adieu to?

Neptune is trioctile to the Sun and Mars, and semisquare to the Moon

Another ingredient that takes some oomph out of our Grand Cross is Neptune’s nebulous involvement. The Sun and Mars are two important drivers of motivation and action, but with Neptune (the dissolver) at their midpoint, frustration, laziness, and victimhood can get in the way. Drugs and alcohol can bring up some seriously difficult vibrations at this time. It might be a good weekend to spend some time at home alone, to focus on internal purification and self-nurturing rather than hitting the town. Take some time to nurture your icky stickies, and don’t mix them with alcohol now.

Jupiter is in the last degree of Cancer

His stay here has brought some wonderful gifts, but Zeus is preparing to roam free in some more extroverted pastures come Wednesday, when he enters Leo (yay!) for the next year. The only Fire we have in the sky at the moment is Uranus, and Jupiter’s spark is going to bring a wonderful infusion of outgoing social goodness (when he gets there!)

Jupiter’s been in Cancer since June 25th of 2013, and the next few days are a great time to give thanks for the new frontiers of home, family, and understanding about your deep roots that you’ve explored over the past year. Give thanks for the connections with the spirit of the universal human family that have grown inside of you. What new and/or old families have you realized your place in? Drink up that support, and send some waves of compassion and love out.

Venus (and Mercury) in Gemini are trine to Mars in Libra

The force of the Air element is strong in this chart, as the three inner planets are chatting up a storm. Considering and reconsidering everything is part of what makes this Full Moon a little bit more of a thinker and feeler than a doer. Reading and writing are wonderful friends right now. Venus is a peace-bringer, and harmonious chattings and emailings can provide some great fuel for working with this Moon’s magic.

Gemini’s secret power is the force of curiosity. Get curious about what’s happening under the surface of your life. What’s going to blossom next?  What is ready to come to the surface to be seen and released with this Moon? What new connections are you ready for?

You can use this Moon to illuminate and release some deep defenses you still have to expressing your true power in this world. See what comes to the surface when you ask. (All day Saturday is the window)





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