New Moon in Cancer


New Moon in Cancer
June 27th, 3:09am CDT


The New Moon in Cancer each year invites us to imbibe in emotional nostalgia. It’s time to drink deeply of the joys and griefs from summers gone by. What gifts and wounds from your early life experiences are still nurturing you (and coming up for review now)? How are you caring for the “garden” of your family(s)? What do you choose to nurture?

This very emotional Moon is trine to Neptune in Pisces, and the dramas in the emotional body of the collective are liable to seep into your own personal stories. Feeling your feelings can be wonderful fuel (esp. if you’re a watery creature), but wallowing in toxic hangups is a potential side effect to watch out for.

The Sun will soon be forming a (loose) Grand Cross with Pluto, Uranus, and Mars over the course of the next couple weeks, and this New Moon marks the kickoff of a month that will offer many opportunities to emotionally process and integrate the crazy huge changes that have happened over the course of the last two years (and expecially the last six months). Invoke all kinds of acceptance for whatever feelings are coming up. Notice, however, what feelings are not yours, and give them back to their caregivers (with more acceptance added, of course).

Mercury in Gemini is coming to a standstill in about 4 days, to resume direct motion. Connections and communications can feel a bit gummed up as Hermes comes to a stop, and while some rejoice as soon as Mercury is “no longer retrograde,” I’ve found that these symptoms often continue for a good five days following the direction change. It’s a wonderful window to reorganize your papers and plans. Review what’s working and what isn’t in your systems of communication and record-keeping. What details good at? What are you clueless about? It’s a good time to clear away any emotional hangups you have around writer’s block, communications with loved ones, record-keeping, plan-making… any turf where you organize ideas on a piece of paper.

Drink deeply from the waters of forgiveness, unconditional appreciation, and love today. Don’t get so stuck on those details, because there are a lot of cards still up in the air, and summer breezes want to whisper deeper wisdom into your ear.

Adam Wolter


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