Full Moon in Sagittarius


Full Moon in Sagittarius
June 12th, 11:11pm CDT


Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! It’s a bit of a hefty one… The planets are still fanned out all over the place in a “splash” pattern, where the energy is spread out in every which direction. Mercury is retrograde in Cancer; the power of the water element (emotional drama, whee!) is cranked up; and Venus and Mars are engaged in two very challenging oppositions with Saturn and Uranus.

You might notice some loaded subject matter that started surfacing last holiday season coming to the surface for some difficult resolutions at this time. Upsetting confrontations with major change (and assholes) are likely. What can you let go of (even more) now? What new freedoms are asking to bloom following the betrayal(s), and major changes you’ve weathered recently?

Mars is engaging with his third pass of a T-square with Uranus and Pluto this week (first around Xmas, second in April), and anger is coming to the table to demand change in all sorts of places. Put this P.O.edness to good use wherever you can; this energy can spark some priceless insights if you get moving with it (rather than sit stewing in it).

Venus is in her happy Taurus home of sensual delight (exactly) opposite to Saturn (the task master) in shadow-facing, no B.S. allowed Scorpio with this Moon, adding an exclamation point to the subject of loaded confrontations. Saturn’s journey through Scorpio (Oct ’12 ~ Sep ’15) is asking each of us to take responsibility for what we’re growing with our deep commitments. Where are you committed to doing deep transformational work? Are you working on yourself? Really? Are you hoping for some lover to show you your truth? Careers and families don’t always fit together so neatly. Productivity and comfort are sometimes exclusive of one another. How are you striking a balance between your needs for finding deep (some of it scary) truth and comfortable earthly pleasure and security?

The water element reigns supreme with this Moon (even though the Sun’s in air and the Moon’s in fire)

Quick-witted Mercury (ruler of Gemini, where the Sun is) is dancing backwards in Cancer, and he’s asking us to spend some time asking questions about our roots. Deep wisdom is bubbling up at this time, but the (aforementioned) emotional reactivity that’s available might keep it hidden for a bit. Send out lines of connection and gratitude to the ancestors and angels who are here with you now, and forgive your emotional (and spiritual) ignorance from the past.

Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is also in Cancer, getting ready to move into the next outgoing, firey sign of Leo next month. He’s wrapping up some business from the past year (in Cancer since 6/25/13). This time has brought an infusion of faith in the future of the human race. Not necessarily the survival of the human race, or any mass awakening, but rather a new sense of familial connection, and belief in a meaningful big-picture story that we’re all a part of. Send a little love into this notion now: that you came here with a role to play, and you are a member of a larger family, whose members are all here with good “reason.”

Chiron in Pisces is square to this Full Moon

Chiron, the comet of the maverick healer, has been calling (since ~2011) attention to the woundedness of our collective’s imagination. Pisces is the territory (in its shadow expressions) of victimhood, and Chiron is helping to exaggerate that story. This Full Moon is asking a big question: Where are you still playing the victim? Where do you know it and keep doing it anyway? Are you ready to ask the questions that can lead you to real change?…

The Full Moon in Sag is (traditionally) about exploring new frontiers. May breakthroughs to bold new vistas of perception and release find you during this (surprisingly) emotional time.

Adam Wolter




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