New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini
May 28th, 1:40pm CDT


“Spiritual knowledge does not lie in learning something, but in discovering something; in breaking the fetters of the false consciousness and in allowing the soul to unfold itself with light and power.” -Hazrat Inayat Khan


The New Moon in Gemini each year offers us an opportunity to approach our lives with a brand new sense of playful curiosity, and to speed up our rational interface with the fields of lickety-split decisions, and objective communications. This time, however, is a little bit different.

The Air (mental) element is indeed very strong in this chart, but our New Moon is closely square to Neptune (the Mystic) in Pisces (mountaintop home of the Mystic).

This New Moon invites us to press the reset button on old definitions of intelligence. The rational mind is a wonderful tool, but a horrible master. Neptune is asking us to get our preconceived notions, and “poor me” egos out of the way in order to hear the true guidance that is bubbling up from deep within.

Mercury (the messenger who rules Gemini) is slowing down to go retrograde in about 10 days. He’s also “Out-of-Bounds” (a few degrees farther north of the celestial equator than the Sun ever gets: May 11th-June 5th). He’s also in the very last degree of Gemini (which he’ll be dancing over two more times in the near future: June 17th and July 12th), a degree that’s about a transformation of consciousness.

“What do all of these confusing details about Mercury mean, Adam?”

Well, I think the message is “clear”: Your “rational” intellect has been steering the bus for too long, and this New Moon is an optimal opportunity to solicit some help from above. The trances of “free” market group mind toxicity are not going to stop of their own accord, and you’re here to help.

Your mission this month, if you choose to accept it, is to bring creative expression to a more magical worldview. It’s time for some new fairy tales. Mercury (also the ruler of meticulous Virgo) can help us to sort out our priorities, and the preposterosity of some old priorities are scheduled to come to the surface for release now.

Victimhood is a poison that this month can help us to release from our systems. Limiting (some pre-verbal) self-definitions that have served you in the past are becoming less and less pertinent as the beautiful truth behind the veil bubbles up more and more irrepressibly. You came here to embody conscious creatorhood, and you’re dancing in a world that encourages unconscious consumerhood.

Send out an invitation to your field of dreams, and open your rational mind up to the possibility that the symbols from your “everyday” experiences are not “everyday” at all.

Plant your New Moon wishes in a field of curiosity and wonder about the next unveiling on your path. Deep truth is going to sprout up all over the place this month. Let go of old definitions about where you’re going, and listen to the sacred stories of your magical life.

Adam Wolter


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