Happy “True” Beltane


Happy “True” Beltane
(Sun at 15 Taurus, 5/5 9:00am CDT)

The Sun has reached the halfway point between the Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice. Some celebrate this day as the dawn of new fires of life, and the beginning of summer.

This is the opening celebration for the half of the year presided over by the Divine Mother.

The energy is flowing upward from the new shoots that are growing, and all of the love that nature is sharing. We are nourished from the outside-in by the magic of the Mother.

Honor this new beginning with all of your senses. Invoke the presence of new life that flows up through your roots now. Give thanks for the deep history that nurtures you. The cells of your body have been around a long time, and so have you. Let the ancient love that is in your bones, the dances and songs of this sacred life, sing through you.

On the 4 cross-quarter days of the year like this one (halfway points between Equinoxes and Solstices), the veils grow thin, and communion with deep wisdom is available.

Keep your eyes out for the Green Man (or the Puck, or maybe even Bacchus) today. The mischievous spirit of life’s creativity and beauty is eager to shine for you.

The chart of this event contains a beautiful Grand Trine in the water signs, which becomes a Kite formation with the help of the Sun. The accelerated pace of of intense change that we’ve been dealing with is scheduled to continue for a while on planet earth (although we’re already past the peak of it, and the next two weeks should slow down a bit). This Grand Trine in Water will help us to process these changes with our emotional bodies, and give our intuitive intelligence a chance catch up. Updates about what’s changing on a deep level inside of you will be getting clearer over the course of the next month (with this Grand Trine).

The Moon is void-of-course in Cancer on Monday morning, making it a great time for prayer and deep reflection. Big-picture insights, and emotional acceptance and release are available. It might not be such a great time for any fast-paced, detail-oriented new projects, but get ready for the creative flow to pick up when the Moon enters Leo at 12:55pm.

Deep peace to you in this time of new light,
Adam Wolter



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