Aries New Moon


New Moon in Aries
March 31st, 1:44pm CDT


Happy first New Moon of the new astrological year! Delightfully tumultuous new beginnings are indeed indicated!

Take this opportunity (all of Sunday, especially the evening, 5-8pm) to plant seeds of revolutionary leadership in your life for this upcoming month (and year!) Make wishes/intentions around the quantum leaps you’re hoping to make/witness this year. The energies of change that are sweeping our globe are especially chaotic this month. Use this time to clarify your transformational priorities: where is your original work? What cutting-edge insights are you a proponent of? Share those goodies now!

Decide to embrace the crazy changes that are on your plate and/or might be coming soon: More fracking? More oil spills? More police state B.S.? Or maybe it will just be about more freedom and effective people-powered projects? More sustainable practices in energy, food, and transit systems?… Get interested in your adventures with change, and honor the unpredictable wild mystery that this life is.

This new Moon is in fiery Aries, but it’s got a bit more of the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius” vibe to it, as it’s conjunct with revolutionary Uranus (at home in Aquarius), at the power power-packed tip of our earth-shaking Cardinal T-square (also involving Jupiter and Pluto).

Uranus’ electrical inventiveness, and desire for freedom at all costs is the ignition switch of this Moon. What new freedom is dawning in your experience? What boxes would you like to break out of? What limiting beliefs do you think are at the roots of dissatisfaction and limitation in our public arenas? Dare to be the change.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, and this New Moon is a wonderful time to stoke the fires of authentic autonomy and personal power. What adolescent, self-limiting fears are you still stewing in on some level? What daring endeavors have you been avoiding for too long? Notice what gets your heart rate up, and commit to diving into that important work now. Getting outside for a hike or bike ride might be a good venue for this inquiry.

Mars (the ruler of Aries) is currently retrograde in Libra (the opposite sign: where he’s in his detriment). Self-consciousness about others’ opinions, and needs for external validation can be big barriers at this time (Dec ’13 – July ’14!) Watch where you’re pointing your finger now (and who you think is pointing their finger at you). Remember, no one else can make you feel anything. Take responsibility for your reactions, and be clear about what you want to create in your relationships.

Jupiter is a singleton in Cancer

All alone in the eastern hemisphere of this chart, the greater benefic, ol’ Zeus himself is seated on a throne of cozy homeyness in Cancer.

Jupiter is the planet of faith and team spirit. Cancer is the sign of the womb and deep emotional history. Where are the roots of your family tree? What new roots are growing? (Have you heard about the worldwide #WaveofAction? (2nd wave of the Occupy movement…))

Jupiter is conjunct with the US Sun, and it’s time to sculpt some new mythologies of this “land of the free and home of the brave.” Weave new stories of your tribes, and go ahead and trust in the sacred heart of the human family.

Enjoy those adventures in daring creativity and originalness!

Adam Wolter


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