Happy Vernal Equinox


Happy “New Year”!

Today we celebrate the beginning of a new astrological year, as the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of our zodiac. The day and the night are now in balance, but rapidly shifting toward longer days and shorter nights (in the northern hemisphere, anyway).

The celestial events that occur in tandem with the Vernal Equinox can give us some good hints about what decisive actions might lead to breakthroughs rather than breakdowns.

This chart is packed with transformational potential, as the Cardinal T-Square involving Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto is closing in on its final exact pass (in April, when it will become a Grand Cross that includes Mars). We are at a decisive crossroads as a collective. Is it possible for humanity to thrive? Many situations will be getting more dramatic this year, and now is a critical time to speak up, act out, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

The first two passes of this T-Square (August 2013, and January-February 2014) have accelerated the pace of unpredictable and dramatic changes in many lives, and the pace of change is just ramping up. How will you choose to use (or be used by) these energies? You are not an innocent bystander, and your decisions matter.

(Shameless Promotional Note: Hey! Maybe you should talk to a gifted astrologer to get a little empowering assistance with those big decisions that are on your plate! Readings with Adam)

Mars is retrograde in Libra

Aries is the home of Mars, and the department of self-willed desire and “me first” action. Mars is currently retrograde in Libra, the sign opposite Aries (where he’s been since Dec. 7th, 2013, and will be ‘til Jul. 24th). Libra is the sign of relationships and diplomacy, and Mars has a bit of trouble here, as his desire nature can get a little gummed up by others’ needs and expectations.
Mars is now smack dab in the spot where the Moon was on our last Lunar Eclipse (on Oct. 18th, 2013), and also where the Sun will be on our next one (on Apr. 14th). This is particularly loaded turf. Questions around “right relationship” and confusions about who’s to blame for what are abundant.

The North Node of the Moon (roughly where eclipses happen) is just about to shift from Scorpio to Libra. The past ~1.5 years (with the South Node in Taurus and North Node in Scorpio) have shown us where we need to let go of our needs for comfort and material security (Taurus) in order to dive into transformational work around owning our shadows and understanding where we’re giving our power away (Scorpio).

The lessons of the next ~1.5 years (with the North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries) will have more to do with getting our egos and personal agendas (Aries) out of the way in order to connect with and support the works of others. You can only make decisions for yourself (Aries), but the threads of your one-on-one connections (Libra) will weave the fabric of our future.

Mars’s adventure in Libra asks us to question the models of power we’ve been taught by our culture. Self-willed, power-over, profit-motivated approaches to action are doing some serious damage in our world today. Where’s the cutting edge of co-creativity and empowered, connected action in your life at this time?

The Moon is in Scorpio, conjunct with Saturn

The Disseminating Moon in Scorpio asks us (again) to question our capacities to connect with others and share transformational messages around right uses of power. Saturn’s transit of Scorpio (Oct. ’12 through Dec. ‘14) is asking us to face our fears around structural changes. I see this conjunction in the Equinox chart as an exclamation point on the lessons listed above. Can you accept the difficult insights about what’s changing (and needs to) in our relationships to worldly power? Where do you feel powerless? Where do you have power, and are you using it responsibly?

Here are two movies that both have some wonderful insights about the vast changes that are unfolding on the world stage right now. Tomorrow will come, in one way or another, but we are at a crossroads that can decide a lot about our collective destiny. What original part do you get to play in these tumultuous times?

Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview

The Crisis of Civilization

Mercury is conjunct with Neptune in Pisces

While all of this crazy change is happening in the external structures of our world(s), there is a deep peace and soul wisdom that is blossoming within. Neptune’s transit of Pisces (~2011-2026) is offering us an infusion of soul presence, and waves of unconditional bliss for the experience of what is. The stories we tell ourselves about what life means are important.

Some say that “meaning” is an anthropomorphic delusion. I disagree. I think that life itself IS the force of meaning.

Mercury (the communicator) has a bit of trouble in watery Pisces, but his union with Neptune here offers an important message: It’s not time to decide who’s right and who’s wrong; it’s time to step outside of definitions to resonate with truths that are unspoken and universal.

What new beginnings and decisions are you dancing with on this powerful day? Send some special love into this “New Year,” and choose to dance with a little extra confidence in yourself, and crazy faith in the human family during this time of change.

Adam Wolter



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