New Moon in Pisces


New Moon in Pisces
March 1st, 2:00am CST

The spark of this New Moon is really more of a splash (or maybe a wet noodle for some). The Sun and Moon are starting their new fire in the murky depths of Pisces between Neptune and Chiron. Neptune and Chiron have been swimming together in Pisces for a few years now, asking us to find deeper meaning on our twisty paths, and also to question the myth-making machines of our modern culture.

This New Moon is an opportunity to take your power back as a myth-maker in this world, and to decide to weave more creative meaning into the sacred tapestry of your life story. Give thanks for those convoluted bumps in the road, and call upon the spirit of curiosity to help you find hidden connections that can inspire higher vision and more conscious action.

Mercury and Mars are both standing still with this event, and Saturn and Jupiter will be changing direction in the next few days as well. All of this shifting planetary energy helps to “clarify” the message of this New Moon: let go of the notion that you understand your destination, and welcome the surprises that challenge you now.

Mercury in Aquarius is going direct in a waxing square to Saturn in Scorpio (not exact til 3/11): Take time to ponder your professional and social networking decisions of 2014 so far. Are you connecting with individuals who value you, and are inspiring you to shine brighter? What needs to change in your approaches to building connections? Be very conscious about what projects and connections you choose to prioritize with this Moon.

Mars in Libra is going retrograde in a waxing square with Venus in Capricorn (2nd time in two months!): Love relationships are, by nature, pretty intense creatures. Unmet needs, malnourished desires, and unexpressed anger are liable to bubble up at this time. This square (exact 3/2) is an exciting one. Mars is in his detriment in Libra (where he’ll be through July!), and challenges in partnerships of all sorts are coming to the table. It’s a wonderful time to study up on Nonviolent Communication techniques, and to put your finger on what’s pushing your buttons. The Warrior is in a process of redefinition, and your intimate connections and contracts are his laboratory. (More on Mars’s very significant and lengthy adventure in Libra soon)

Jupiter (the traditional ruler of Pisces) is in Cancer (his sign of exaltation), in a harmonious trine with the New Moon: Send a call out to your forever family now. The allies who are embodied, as well as the angels, archetypes, and ancestors you feel some idealistic resonance with. We are entering the heart of a very tumultuous time of change (March-May ’14) that’s loaded with potential for amazing breakthroughs, and it’s a good time to ask for some help. Build a cozy nook of spiritual support inside now. External structures are undergoing crazy changes, and yet there is a still place within each of us, where a sacred song is growing louder and louder for those who have ears to hear.

Compassion for, and faith in the human family are essential fuels in this time of momentous change. Please get your prayer on with this Moon.

Adam Wolter

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