Full Moon in Cancer

CancerMoonFull Moon in Cancer
January 15th, 2014 10:52pm CST

The Full Moon is in Cancer, her happy home. Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign of the zodiac, where emotions and psychic input (Water) get to moving quickly and directly (Cardinal). The Water element and the Cardinal mode are both strong in this chart, sending a little extra love to that Moon. Honor your emotional intelligence, and invite more nurturing knowings into your experiences now.

Jupiter, the expansive vision-builder, is also in Cancer (sign of his exaltation!)
(at the highly charged midpoint between Mars and Uranus (square to each), and Venus and Pluto (opposite to both))

This placement is calling on each of us to dig down inside and to acknowledge that we are part of a larger spiritual family. Our roots are planted more deeply than the conscious mind can comprehend.

Honor your encounters, connections, and plans with friends who are exploring new frontiers and traveling the world. It’s a great time to get nostalgic about trips you’ve taken (and will take) to foreign lands and spiritual sanctuaries that might be a bit off the beaten path.

Gratitude (especially for community) is a fertilizer that can help you to grow the fruits of right action and right relationship at this dramatic time. Invite your intuition and felt-sense knowing to blossom with this Moon. Release any left-brained limitations that keep you out of your flow, and give thanks for the wisdom that is in your heartbeat.

Venus is in the Underworld

Venus is retrograde, has dropped out of the evening sky and made her inferior (between the Earth and Sun) conjunction with the Sun (on 1/11). Now she’s beginning her ascent as our new morning star beginning on January 17th.

The goddess of love is currently in the underworld, undergoing a rebirth. What will her rebirth mean for you? Her backwards dance through Capricorn is about reconsidering our relationships with worldly power (and moolah), and how they help or hinder our personal connections and commitments.

Where is your money coming from? Where is it going? Are you earning what you’re worth? Is that a disgusting question? What is truly valuable?

Venus in Capricorn is square to Mars in Libra
(and Neptune the dreamer is making an 8th harmonic aspect to each of them)

Venus and Mars are in the first of two squares with this Full Moon (next one on March 2, 2014). Venus is retrograde for this one, but Mars will be retrograde for the next one.

This dance is bound to stir up some creative and/or romantic drama. Notice any tensions between your and your partners’ (romantic as well as platonic) personal aspirations and desires. This next two months is a ripe time to create, clarify, and refine shared goals, and to make sure you’re on the same page with the important co-creators in your life. (Note: It’s also a great time to study Nonviolent Communication)

Use Venus’s rebirth (any morning after the 17th that you’re up before sunrise and facing east) as an opportunity to invite and honor the birth of shared visions and actions that are working more and more coherently in your world.

Give thanks to your parents, above and below, with this nurturing Moon. Honor the waters of life, and their wisdom that flows outside of time. Release your rational limitations, and invite the sacred knowledge of that spring that bubbles in your heart.

Adam Wolter



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