New Year’s New Moon in Capricorn


New Moon in Capricorn
January 1st, 2014 5:14am CST

Wow! What an intense chart to start this New Year. The new beginnings described by this Moon point to a crescendo of the transformational energy that has been front and center since ’08, when the economy tanked and sparked some revolutionary unrest around our world.

The “powers that be” are in the midst of tumultuous transformation, within and without. How are the structures of power in your world changing? Seeds planted in the 60s (at Uranus and Pluto’s last conjunction) are now bursting through the soil (with their waxing square 2012-’15), and we are surfing on a wave of revolutionary evolution. These energies are very unpredictable and tumultuous. Remember: change is the only constant, and it’s always a little bit uncomfortable.

Make good use of this New Year’s, and put good time into sculpting some wonderful resolutions. Please wait until the 1st (after the New Moon) to plant the seeds you’d like to see flourish.

To sculpt (and/or deepen) your New Year’s wishes, you might want to reflect on some planetary messages from this New Moon’s chart:

This New Moon is conjunct with Pluto, igniting our Cardinal Grand Cross

Pluto, the dwarf planet, loves to dig for hidden treasure (as most dwarves do). This January will be a wonderful month to dig into stuff that you don’t want to look at or deal with, and to find the gifts that are buried in your shit.

Pluto’s influence, when highlighted as it is now, helps us to look at stuff we don’t really want to see. Yes, you know some things need to change, and no, you don’t want to think about those things all the time. Well, now’s a good time to think about them.

What are the changes that need to happen in our world (in your humble opinion)? What changes can you help to facilitate in your part of the world? Who deserves more power? Who deserves less?

Align your New Year’s/New Moon’s choices with the spirit of overhaul.


Mercury is Out-of-Bounds, and also conjunct with the New Moon in Capricorn

Mercury is the planet of choices, symbols, and language. When Mercury is “Out-of-Bounds” (higher or (in this case) lower in the sky than the Sun ever goes), thinking can go to original, independent realms where common ground is harder to access, but divine insight surprises us.

The call here is to follow your own original calling, and to make choices (and scribblings) that follow the voice of the highest within, whether she agrees with your practical rational intellect or not.

Speak your original truth now. We don’t have to agree to have productive conversations. New ideas are going to come before you. Invite and engage, don’t just squash the new with the old.

The New Moon is at the midpoint of Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces

Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) is in Scorpio, asking us to take responsibility for shadow-facing (sorry for the redundancy). Neptune in Pisces is asking us to “let go and let God,” and the New Moon at their midpoint is suggesting that we find some new ways to invite more “spiritual truth” into our everyday experiences.

We are in the heart of the most transformational window our planet has navigated in quite some time. The insights and actions that are harvested and developed during this next five month period can make or break our sustainable future.

Please honor your sacred path, and understand that your actions are the only ones that matter.

Adam Wolter


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